News: 1999

News relating to evolution from American Scientist, National Geographic, Nature, Science, and Scientific American are listed. The most recent articles are first.

Artificial Life; Origin of Life, Eukaryotes, Organelles; Origin/Evolution of Prokaryotes, Viruses, Introns, etc.
Ancient Birds; Dinosaurs; Other Ancient Reptiles
Human Origins and Evolution; Domestication
Other Evolutionary Biology
Political, Religious, and Educational Issues

Reznick and Ghalambor, 1999 Dec 24. EVOLUTIONARY BIOLOGY: Sex and Death. Science 286:2458-2459.

Strauss, 1999 Dec 24. HUMAN GENETICS: mtDNA Shows Signs of Paternal Influence. Science 286:2436.

??, 1999 Dec 23. Combating creationism's exploiters. Nature 402:843. 'Creationism's resurgence and its exploitation by politicians pose challenges to scientists that cannot be ignored. More resolute activism is required if a decent scientific education is not to be denied to some young Americans.'

??, 1999 Dec 23. Scientists rally to defend schools against creationists. Nature 402:847. 'The American Geophysical Union, keen to persuade scientists to becoming more politically involved to promoting the teaching of evolution in schools, has denounced the teaching of creationism.'

ALEKSANDER, 1999 Dec 23. Neural networks: Evolutionary checkers. Nature 402:857. 'Game-playing computer programmes, such as that which beat chess champion Gary Kasparov in 1997, generally rely on the expertise of the programmer. An approach involving checker-playing neural networks instead allows the networks to evolve competitively. The best of them have beaten human players at the 'expert' level.'

HARMER AND ABBOTT, 1999 Dec 23. Game theory: Losing strategies can win by Parrondo's paradox. Nature 402:864.

QIANG et al., 1999 Dec 23. Erratum: A Chinese triconodont mammal and mosaic evolution of the mammalian skeleton. Nature 402:898.

Holden, 1999 Dec 17. BREAKDOWN OF THE YEAR: Creationists Win in Kansas. Science 286:2242.

Xu et al., 1999 Dec 17. Evolution of Shape Complementarity and Catalytic Efficiency from a Primordial Antibody Template. Science 286:2345-2348.

Cho et al., 1999 Dec 10. GENETICS: Ethical Considerations in Synthesizing a Minimal Genome. Science 286:2087-2090.

GRIFFITH, 1999 Dec 09. Spawn of Satan?. Nature 402:585. 'Widespread egg donation has led to a generation of superkids.'

SMITH et al., 1999 Dec 09. Evolution: Conservation of a sex-determining gene. Nature 402:601.

Bush et al., 1999 Dec 03. Predicting the Evolution of Human Influenza A. Science 286:1921-1925.

Hillis, 1999 Dec 03. EVOLUTIONARY BIOLOGY: Enhanced: Predictive Evolution. Science 286:1866-1867.

Enserink, 1999 Dec 03. PALEONTOLOGY: Fossil Opens Window on Early Animal History. Science 286:1829.

LITTLE, 1999 Dec 02. The book of genes. Nature 402:467. 'The sequence of human chromosome 22, now published, is the first phase in a biological revolution. This chromosome is the second smallest, and consists of some 33 million base pairs and as many as 1,000 genes. The projected date for sequencing all 23 chromosomes is 2002, and the eventual upshot of this revolution will be a transformed appreciation of human individuality.'

KOBAYASHI et al., 1999 Dec 02. Palaeobiology: Herbivorous diet in an ornithomimid dinosaur. Nature 402:480.

CHEN et al., 1999 Dec 02. An early Cambrian craniate-like chordate. Nature 402:518.

HIGASHI et al., 1999 Dec 02. Sympatric speciation by sexual selection. Nature 402:523.

Hayes, 1999 Nov. Experimental Lamarckism. American Scientist (Nov-Dec 1999).

Sloan, 1999 Nov. Feathers for T Rex? National Geographic (Nov 1999).

Holloway, 1999 Nov. The Ascent of Scent. Scientific American (Nov 1999).

?, 1999 Nov. The Editors Recommend. Scientific American (Nov 1999).

KENRICK, 1999 Nov 28. Botany: The family tree flowers. Nature 402:358.

O'BRIEN AND STANYON, 1999 Nov 28. Phylogenomics: Ancestral primate viewed. Nature 402:365.

SOLTIS et al., 1999 Nov 28. Angiosperm phylogeny inferred from multiple genes as a tool for comparative biology. Nature 402:402.

QIU et al., 1999 Nov 28. The earliest angiosperms: evidence from mitochondrial, plastid and nuclear genomes. Nature 402:404.

BURT et al., 1999 Nov 28. The dynamics of chromosome evolution in birds and mammals. Nature 402:411.

Huynen et al., 1999 Nov 19. Lateral Gene Transfer, Genome Surveys, and the Phylogeny of Prokaryotes. Science 286:1443.

Steele, 1999 Nov 19. EVOLUTION: Lingua Franca. Science 286:1484.
Book Review of Tower of Babel The Evidence against the New Creationism by Robert T. Pennock.

Stenseth, 1999 Nov 19. EVOLUTIONARY BIOLOGY: The Evolutionary Synthesis. Science 286:1490.

Holden, 1999 Nov 19. ARCHAEOLOGY: Were Spaniards Among the First Americans? Science 286:1467-1468.

Holden, 1999 Nov 19. ARCHAEOLOGY: Australasian Roots Proposed For 'Luzia'. Science 286:1467.

Consolmagno, 1999 Nov 18. How the Church moves with the times. Nature 402:230.

Sereno et al., 1999 Nov 12. Cretaceous Sauropods from the Sahara and the Uneven Rate of Skeletal Evolution Among Dinosaurs. Science 286:1342-1347.

AAAS Board of Directors, 1999 Nov 12. AAAS Statement on the Kansas State Board of Education Decision. (restricted access) Science 286:1303-1304.

HAWKES, 1999 Nov 11. Evolutionary play on maternal behaviour. Nature 402:120.
Book Review of Mother Nature 402: A History of Mothers, Infants and Natural Selection by Sarah Blaffer Hrdy.

BUDDEMEIER, 1999 Nov 11. Rocks of the ages. Nature 402:121.
Book Review of Reef Evolution by Rachel Wood.

JANVIER, 1999 Nov 11. Catching the first fish. Nature 402:21.

SHU et al., 1999 Nov 11. Lower Cambrian vertebrates from south China. Nature 402:42-46.

Kaessmann et al., 1999 Nov 05. Extensive Nuclear DNA Sequence Diversity Among Chimpanzees. Science 286:1159-1162.

Zimmer, 1999 Nov 05. PALEONTOLOGY: Fossils Give Glimpse of Old Mother Lamprey. Science 286:1064-1065.

Mathews and Donoghue, 1999 Oct 29. The Root of Angiosperm Phylogeny Inferred from Duplicate Phytochrome Genes. Science 286:947-950.

Lahn and Page, 1999 Oct 29. Four Evolutionary Strata on the Human X Chromosome. Science 286:964-967.

Vogel, 1999 Oct 29. EVOLUTIONARY GENETICS: The Why Behind the Y Chromosome. Science 286:877-879.

Anderson, 1999 Oct 29. SCIENCE AND RELIGION: Two Realms and Their Relationships. Science 286:907-908.
Book Review of Rocks of Ages Science and Religion in the Fullness of Lifeby Stephen Jay Gould.
Book Review of Seduced by Science How American Religion Has Lost Its Way by Steven Goldberg.
Book Review of The Sacred Depths of Nature by Ursula Goodenough.

Stone, 1999 Oct 29. PALEONTOLOGY: Siberian Mammoth Find Raises Hopes, Questions. Science 286:876-877.

Kerr, 1999 Oct 29. GEOCHEMISTRY: Tweaking the Clock of Radioactive Decay. Science 286:882-883.

BODMER, 1999 Oct 28. Know thyself genetically. Nature 401:852.
Book Review of Genome: The Autobiography of a Species in 23 Chapters by Matt Ridley.

PAGEL, 1999 Oct 28. Darwin's evolution. Nature 401:853.
Book Review of Almost Like a Whale: The Origin of Species, Updated by Steve Jones.

JANVIER, 1999 Oct 28. Coelacanth ŕ la Marseillaise. Nature 401:854.
Book Review of A Fish Caught in Time: The Search for the Coelacanth by Samantha Weinberg.

RADMAN, 1999 Oct 28. Mutation: Enzymes of evolutionary change. Nature 401:866. 'Although many mutations are harmful, some can help a population to adapt to environmental changes and enhance its chances of survival. Mutations have always been thought to be random, chance events, but the discovery of a set of enzymes known as mutases indicates that cells have mechanisms for generating them. The process needs to be tightly regulated, though, and is switched on only when the cell is under stress.'

CLARKE, 1999 Oct 28. Obituary: Arthur James Cain (1921-99). Nature 401:872. 'Arthur Cain -- naturalist and doughty Darwinian, who did seminal work in ecological genetics and was a standard bearer for the view that most evolutionary changes are not neutral in terms of natural selection.'

PAGEL, 1999 Oct 28. Inferring the historical patterns of biological evolution. Nature 401:877.

THE MHC SEQUENCING CONSORTIUM, 1999 Oct 28. Complete sequence and gene map of a human major histocompatibility complex. Nature 401:921.

Saunders et al., 1999 Oct 22. Evolution of Complexity in Paleozoic Ammonoid Sutures. Science 286:760-763.

Flynn et al., 1999 Oct 22. A Triassic Fauna from Madagascar, Including Early Dinosaurs. Science 286:763-765v.

Knox, 1999 Oct 22. Documenting Speciation. (letter to the editor) (restricted access) Science 286:. Three instances of documented speciation in the wild are given.

Moore et al., 1999 Oct 22. Science and Scripture. (letter to the editor) (restricted access) Science 286:. Teaching evolution in the classroom.

Freeland et al., 1999 Oct 22. MOLECULAR EVOLUTION: Do Proteins Predate DNA? Science 286:690-692.

Pringle, 1999 Oct 22. ARCHAEOLOGY: New Questions About Ancient American Site. Science 286:657-659.

Wuethrich, 1999 Oct 22. SCIENCE EDUCATION: Scientists Strike Back Against Creationism. Science 286:659.

BERRY, 1999 Oct 21. Planting the evidence. Nature 401:742.
Book Review of A Rum Affair: How Botany's 'Piltdown Man' was Unmasked by Karl Sabbagh.

KOBAYASHI et al., 1999 Oct 21. Evolution: Dicyemids are higher animals. Nature 401:762.

Owens and King, 1999 Oct 15. Genomic Views of Human History. Science 286:451-453.

Jaeger et al., 1999 Oct 15. A New Primate from the Middle Eocene of Myanmar and the Asian Early Origin of Anthropoids. Science 286:528-530.

O'Brien et al., 1999 Oct 15. The Promise of Comparative Genomics in Mammals. Science 286:458-481.

Lockless and Ranganathan, 1999 Oct 08. Evolutionarily Conserved Pathways of Energetic Connectivity in Protein Families Lockless and Ranganathan. Science 286:295-299.

BYNUM, 1999 Oct 07. Heritable traits of a grandfather. Nature 401:528.
Book Review of Erasmus Darwin: A Life of Unequalled Achievement by Desmond King-Hele.

LESNA AND SABELIS, 1999 Oct 07. Diet-dependent female choice for males with 'good genes' in a soil predatory mite. Nature 401:581-584.

Vogel, 1999 Oct 01. PLANETARY SYSTEMS: Expanding the Habitable Zone. Science 286:70-71.

Gil et al., 1999 Oct 01. Male Attractiveness and Differential Testosterone Investment in Zebra Finch Eggs. Science 286:126-128.

Defleur et al., 1999 Oct 01. Neanderthal Cannibalism at Moula-Guercy, Ardčche, France. Science 286:128-131.

Culotta, 1999 Oct 01. PALEOANTHROPOLOGY: Neanderthals Were Cannibals, Bones Show. Science 286:18-19.

Vogel, 1999 Oct 01. EVOLUTION: Handsome Finches Win a Boost for Their Offspring. Science 286:23.

Sloan, 1999 Oct. Feathers for T. rex? National Geographic (October 1999).

Poinar, 1999 Sep-Oct. Ancient DNA. American Scientist (Sep-Oct 1999).

Beccaloni, 1999 Sep-Oct. A Monument to Modesty. American Scientist (Sep-Oct 1999).

Hayes, 1999 Sep-Oct. Computational Creationism. American Scientist (Sep-Oct 1999).

???, 1999 Sep-Oct. The Editors Recommend. Scientific American (Sep 1999).

Archibald et al., 1999 Sep 24. Technical Comments: Divergence Times of Eutherian Mammals. Science 285:2031.

Appenzeller, 1999 Sep 24. PALEONTOLOGY: T. rex Was Fierce, Yes, But Feathered, Too. Science 285:2052-2053.

BERNARDO-CARVALHO, 1999 Sep 23. Genetic recombination: Intron size and natural selection. Nature 401:344.

CIFELLI, 1999 Sep 23. Tribosphenic mammal from the North American Early Cretaceous. Nature 401:363.

ZHANG et al., 1999 Sep 23. Oldest playable musical instruments found at Jiahu early Neolithic site in China. Nature 401:366.

Mayr, 1999 Sep 17. PHILOSOPHY OF SCIENCE: Structure for Theories of Biology. Science 285:1856.
Book Review of Sex and Death An Introduction to Philosophy of Biology by Kim Sterelny and Paul E. Griffiths.

???, 1999 Sep 16. Kansas evolution ban under attack. Nature 401:200. 'The decision by the Kansas Board of Education to ban the teaching of evolution has attracted further criticism, this time from the American Institute of Biological Sciences and the Society for the Study of Evolution.'

MONTEFIORE, 1999 Sep 16. Ebb and flow in the seas of faith. Nature 401:211.
Book Review of God's Funeral by A. N. Wilson.

BAKKER et al., 1999 Sep 16. Sexual selection: Condition-related mate choice in sticklebacks. Nature 401:234.

XU et al., 1999 Sep 16. A dromaeosaurid dinosaur with a filamentous integument from the Yixian Formation of China. Nature 401:262.

Miralles, 1999 Sep 10. Clonal Interference and the Evolution of RNA Viruses. Science 285:1745-.

Davies et al., 1999 Sep 10. High Frequency of Cryptic Deleterious Mutations in Caenorhabditis elegans. Science 285:1748-1751.

SHERMAN, 1999 Sep 09. Birds of a feather lek together. Nature 401:119.

ROEMER et al., 1999 Sep 09. Genome evolution: Global methylation in eutherian hybrids. Nature 401:131.

WAUGH-O'NEILL et al., 1999 Sep 09. reply: Genome evolution: Global methylation in eutherian hybrids. Nature 401:132.

PETRIE et al., 1999 Sep 09. Peacocks lek with relatives even in the absence of social and environmental cues. Nature 401:155.

CUBAS et al., 1999 Sep 09. An epigenetic mutation responsible for natural variation in floral symmetry. Nature 401:157.

DORNHAUS AND CHITTKA, 1999 Sep 02. Insect behaviour: Evolutionary origins of bee dances. Nature 401:38.

FLYNN et al., 1999 Sep 02. A Middle Jurassic mammal from Madagascar. Nature 401:57.

Ward et al., 1999 Aug 27. Equatorius: A New Hominoid Genus from the Middle Miocene of Kenya. Science 285:1382-1386.

Blondel et al., 1999 Aug 27. Selection-Based Biodiversity at a Small Spatial Scale in a Low-Dispersing Insular Bird. Science 285:1399-1402.

Zimmer, 1999 Aug 27. PALEOANTHROPOLOGY: Kenyan Skeleton Shakes Ape Family Tree. Science 285:1335-1337.

Grant, 1999 Aug 26. Kansas makes a monkey of itself. Nature 400:810.

HAQ, 1999 Aug 26. Thou shalt not mix religion and science. Nature 400:830.
Book Review of Rocks of Ages: Science and Religion in the Fullness of Life by Stephen Jay Gould.

BERRY, 1999 Aug 26. Dogged footsteps to a vanishing past. Nature 400:831.
Book Review of Saddled with Darwin: A Journey Through South America by Toby Green.

LENORMAND, et al., 1999 Aug 26. Tracking the evolution of insecticide resistance in the mosquito Culex pipiens. Nature 400:861-864.

Peterson et al., 1999 Aug 20. Conservatism of Ecological Niches in Evolutionary Time. Science 285:1265-1267.

Heyning et al., 1999 Aug 20. Phylogenies, Temporal Data, and Negative Evidence. Science 285:1179.

Holden, 1999 Aug 20. SCIENCE EDUCATION: Kansas Dumps Darwin, Raises Alarm Across the United States. Science 285:1186-1187.

Wuethrich, 1999 Aug 20. SPECIATION: Mexican Pairs Show Geography's Role Science 285:1190.

???, 1999 Aug 19. The difference between science and dogma. Nature 400:697. 'Scientists and science teachers can draw useful lessons from the Kansas Board of Education's efforts to expel Charles Darwin from the state's schools.'

???, 1999 Aug 19. Kansas kicks evolution out the classroom. Nature 400:701. '[SAN DIEGO] Scientists are being urged to become more involved in debates over the teaching of evolution following the decision by the Kansas Board of Education to halt evolutionary biology studies in public schools.'

LEWONTIN , 1999 Aug 19. The problem with an evolutionary answer. Nature 400:728.
Book Review of The Dark Side of Man:Tracing the Origins of Male Violence by Michael P. Ghiglieri.

SHU, et al., 1999 Aug 19. A pipiscid-like fossil from the Lower Cambrian of south China. Nature 400:746-749. 'Exceptional fossil preservation is critical to our understanding of early metazoan evolution'

Brocks et al., 1999 Aug 13. Archean Molecular Fossils and the Early Rise of Eukaryotes Science 285:1033-1036.

Knoll, 1999 Aug 13. PALEONTOLOGY: Enhanced: A New Molecular Window on Early Life Science 285:1025-1026.

Brown, 1999 Aug 13. PHYLOGENY: Deep Green Rewrites Evolutionary History of Plants Science 285:990-991.

HARVEY, 1999 Aug 12. Evolution: Creatures from another world. Nature 400:618. 'Digital organisms are computer programs that are designed to mimic evolutionary processes by mutating and reproducing. Their use is controversial, but they might allow scientists to ask questions about evolution that cannot be answered easily by studying real organisms. Such organisms have been used to study how multiple mutations in the same organism interact, with combined effects that can be greater or less than the sum of their parts.'

BESCHIN et al., 1999 Aug 12. Convergent evolution of cytokines. Nature 400:627-628.

BENGTSON, 1999 Aug 12. The first three billion years. Nature 400:633.
Book Review of Cradle of Life: The Discovery of Earth's Earliest Fossils by J. William Schopf .

LEE et al., 1999 Aug 12. The origin of snake feeding. Nature 400:655-659.

Cole and Wiernasz, 1999 Aug 06. The Selective Advantage of Low Relatedness Science 285:891-893.

CANFIELD, 1999 Aug 05. Palaeoecology: A breath of fresh air. Nature 400:503. 'We owe our oxygen-rich atmosphere to the photosynthetic activity of ancient bacteria. Chemical traces found in rocks have pushed back the origins of this process to 2.5 billion years ago.'

KILLINGBACK AND DOEBELI, 1999 Aug 05. 'Raise the stakes' evolves into a defector. Nature 400:518.

SHERRATT AND ROBERTS, 1999 Aug 05. reply: 'Raise the stakes' evolves into a defector. Nature 400:518.

CHARLESWORTH AND CHARLESWORTH, 1999 Aug 05. How was the Sdic gene fixed? Nature 400:519-520.

NURMINSKY AND HARTL, 1999 Aug 05. reply: How was the Sdic gene fixed? Nature 400:520.

Wong, 1999 Aug. IS OUT OF AFRICA GOING OUT THE DOOR?. Scientific American (Aug 1999). 'Reanalysis of gene studies and new fossil evidence cast doubts of a popular theory of human origins.'

Scott, 1999 Aug. CREATIONISM EVOLVES. Scientific American (Aug 1999).
Book Review of Tower of Babel: The Evidence against the New Creationism. by BY ROBERT T. PENNOCK.

???, 1999 Aug. The Editors Recommend. Scientific American (Aug 1999).

Pennisi, 1999 Jul 30. EVOLUTIONARY BIOLOGY: Gaining New Insight Into the Molecular Basis of Evolution. Science 285:654-655.

Pennisi, 1999 Jul 23. EVOLUTION '99 MEETING: Development Shapes Evolution. Science 285:518-519.

TREGENZA AND BUTLIN , 1999 Jul 22. Speciation without isolation. Nature 400:311-312.

GOUDSMIT AND LUKASHOV, 1999 Jul 22. Dating the origin of HIV-1 subtypes. Nature 400:325-326.

KORBER et al., 1999 Jul 22. reply: Dating the origin of HIV-1 subtypes. Nature 400:326.

DIECKMANN AND DOEBELI, 1999 Jul 22. On the origin of species by sympatric speciation. Nature 400:354-357.

GRIFFITH et al., 1999 Jul 22. Environmental determination of a sexually selected trait. Nature 400:358-360.

Wichman et al., 1999 Jul 16. Different Trajectories of Parallel Evolution During Viral Adaptation. Science 285:422-424.

Orr, 1999 Jul 16. EVOLUTIONARY BIOLOGY: An Evolutionary Dead End? Science 285:343.
Book Review of Phenotypic Evolution A Reaction Norm Perspective by Carl D. Schlichting and Massimo Pigliucci.

RYAN, 1999 Jul 15. Behavioural ecology: Electrifying diversity. Nature 400:211.

WOOD AND BROOKS, 1999 Jul 15. Human evolution: We are what we ate. Nature 400:219.

LOTEM et al., 1999 Jul 15. Evolution of cooperation between individuals. Nature 400:226-227.

STODDARD, 1999 Jul 15. Predation enhances complexity in the evolution of electric fish signals. Nature 400:254-256.

PENG et al., 1999 Jul 15. 'Green revolution' genes encode mutant gibberellin response modulators.Nature 400:256-261.

Wilson, 1999 Jul 09. EVOLUTION: Flying Over Uncharted Territory. Science 285:206.
Book Review of The Meme Machine by Susan Blackmore.

Pennisi, 1999 Jul 09. EVOLUTION '99: DNA and Field Data Help Plumb Evolution's Secrets. Science 285:192-193.

MCFADDEN, 1999 Jul 08. Chloroplasts: Ever decreasing circles. Nature 400:119.

MACE, 1999 Jul 08. Dos and don'ts, whys and wherefores. Nature 400:131.
Book Review of Ever Since Adam and Eve: The Evolution of Human Sexuality by Malcolm Potts and Roger Short.

TOMITANI et al., 1999 Jul 08. Chlorophyll b and phycobilins in the common ancestor of cyanobacteria and chloroplasts. Nature 400:159-162.

Wills et al., 1999 Jul 02. Technical Comments: Selection Against Susceptibility to HIV-1. Science 285:11.

Holden, 1999 Jul 02. ANTHROPOLOGY: A New Look Into Neandertals' Noses. Science 285:31-33.

LUO , 1999 Jul 01. Palaeobiology: A refugium for relicts. Nature 400:23-25.

FRANCINO AND OCHMAN, 1999 Jul 01. Isochores result from mutation not selection. Nature 400:30-31.

STEVENSON, 1999 Jul 01. Life-sustaining planets in interstellar space? Nature 400:32.

SWISHER et al., 1999 Jul 01. Cretaceous age for the feathered dinosaurs of Liaoning, China. Nature 400:58-61.

Kimler, 1999 July-August. Ever Since Adam and Eve Slices Human Sexuality with a Darwinian Blade. American Scientist.
Book Review of Ever Since Adam and Eve by Malcolm Potts and Roger Short.

SZATHMÁRY Clark, 1999 July-August. Polarized Starlight and the Handedness of Life. American Scientist.

Morell, 1999 Jun 25. EVOLUTION: Ecology Returns to Speciation Studies. Science 284:2106-2108.

Morell, 1999 Jun 25. EVOLUTION: Size Matters: The Genes Behind Adaptation. Science 284:2106-2107.

Appenzeller, 1999 Jun 25. EVOLUTION: Test Tube Evolution Catches Time in a Bottle. Science 284:2108.

Kerr, 1999 Jun 25. EVOLUTION: Early Life Thrived Despite Earthly Travails. Science 284:2111-2113.

Vogel, 1999 Jun 25. EVOLUTION: Going Beyond Appearances to Find Life's History. Science 284:2112-2113.

Jablonski, 1999 Jun 25. The Future of the Fossil Record. Science 284:2114-2116.

Thompson, 1999 Jun 25. The Evolution of Species Interactions. Science 284:2116-2118.

Eschenmoser, 1999 Jun 25. Chemical Etiology of Nucleic Acid Structure. Science 284:2118-2124.

Doolittle, 1999 Jun 25. Phylogenetic Classification and the Universal Tree. Science 284:2124-2128.

Knoll and Carroll, 1999 Jun 25. Early Animal Evolution: Emerging Views from Comparative Biology and Geology. Science 284:2129-2137.

Sereno, 1999 Jun 25. The Evolution of Dinosaurs. Science 284:2137-2147.

Gould, 1999 Jun 25. Darwin's More Stately Mansion. Science 284:2087-2128.

SANDERS, 1999 Jun 24. Evolutionary genetics: No sex please, we're fungi. Nature 399:737.

PENTON-VOAK et al., 1999 Jun 24. Menstrual cycle alters face preference. Nature 399:741-742.

SZATHMÁRY , 1999 Jun 24. When the means do not justify the end. Nature 399:745.
Book Review of Sudden Origins: Fossils, Genes, and the Emergence of Speciesby Jeffrey H. Schwartz.

TAYLOR et al., 1999 Jun 17. The oldest fossil ascomycetes. Nature 399:648.

RUST et al., 1999 Jun 17. Singing and hearing in a Tertiary bushcricket. Nature 399:650.

BOESCH, 1999 Jun 17. A theory that's hard to digest. Nature 399:653.
Book Review of The Hunting Apes: Meat Eating and the Origins of Human Behavior by Craig Stanford.

HOU et al., 1999 Jun 17. A diapsid skull in a new species of the primitive bird Confuciusornis. Nature 399:679-682.

Fox et al., 1999 Jun 11. Reconstructing Phylogeny with and without Temporal Data. Science 284:1816-1819.

Clutton-Brock et al., 1999 Jun 04. Selfish Sentinels in Cooperative Mammals. Science 284:1640-1644.

Blumstein, 1999 Jun 04. BEHAVIOR: Enhanced: Selfish Sentinels. Science 284:1633-1634.

COCKBURN, 1999 Jun 3. Deer destiny determined by density. Nature 399:407.

KAAS AND REINER, 1999 Jun 3. Evolutionary neurobiology: The neocortex comes together. Nature 399:418.

SCHIESTL et al., 1999 Jun 3. Orchid pollination by sexual swindle. Nature 399:421.

MARTIN, 1999 Jun 3. Firing up the power plant in our heads. Nature 399:426.
Book Review of Evolving Brains by John Morgan Allman.

COHN AND TICKLE, 1999 Jun 3. Developmental basis of limblessness and axial patterning in snakes. Nature 399:474-479.

SRINIVASAN, 1999 May 27. Ecology: When one eye is better than two. Nature 399:305.

RIDDLE, 1999 May 27. Ageing: A message from the gonads. Nature 399:308.

DYKE AND MAYR, 1999 May 27. Did parrots exist in the Cretaceous period? Nature 399:317-318.

STIDHAM, 1999 May 27. reply: Did parrots exist in the Cretaceous period? Nature 399:318.

EXCOFFIER , 1999 May 27. Why can't people be more like bats? Nature 399:322.
Book Review of Cheating Monkeys and Citizen Bees: The Nature of Cooperation in Animals and Humansby Lee Dugatkin.

NELSON et al., 1999 May 27. Evidence for lateral gene transfer between Archaea and Bacteria from genome sequence of Thermotoga maritima. Nature 399:323-329.

XU et al., 1999 May 27. A therizinosauroid dinosaur with integumentary structures from China. Nature 399:350-354.

HSIN AND KENYON, 1999 May 27. Signals from the reproductive system regulate the lifespan of C. elegans. Nature 399:362-366.

Pennisi, 1999 May 21. MICROBES, IMMUNITY, AND DISEASE: Is It Time to Uproot the Tree of Life? Science 284:1305-1307.

Hoffmann et al., 1999 May 21. Phylogenetic Perspectives in Innate Immunity. Science 284:1313-1318.

Rai et al., 1999 May 21. Evaluating Evidence of Ancient Animals. Science 284:1235.

Zimmer, 1999 May 21. ARCHAEOLOGY: New Date for the Dawn of Dream Time. Science 284:1243-1245.

Holden, 1999 May 21. SCIENCE AND RELIGION: Subjecting Belief to the Scientific Method. Science 284:1257-1259.

Holden, 1999 May 21. SCIENCE AND RELIGION: Searching for Answers to Cosmic Questions. Science 284:1258.

PADIAN, 1999 May 13. Dinosaur tracks in the computer age. Nature 399:103.

MANNING et al., 1999 May 20. The mystery of female beauty. Nature 399:214-215.

TOVÉE AND CORNELISSEN, 1999 May 20. The mystery of female beauty. Nature 399:215-216.

YU AND SHEPARD, 1999 May 20. reply: The mystery of female beauty. Nature 399:216.

DOVER, 1999 May 20. Looping the evolutionary loop. Nature 399:?.
Book Review of The Origins of Life: From the Birth of Life to the Origin of Language by John Maynard Smith and Eörs Szathmary.

ARSUAGA et al., 1999 May 20. A complete human pelvis from the Middle Pleistocene of Spain. Nature 399:255-258.

Gallagher, 1999 May 14. EVOLUTIONARY BIOLOGY: Nota Bene: The Male's Dilemma. Science 284:1140.

Culotta, 1999 May 14. PHYSICAL ANTHROPOLOGY MEETING: Anthropologists Probe Bones, Stones, and Molecules. Science 284:1109-1111.

KRAMER AND IRISH, 1999 May 13. Evolution of genetic mechanisms controlling petal development. Nature 399:144-148.

Ruse, 1999 May 07. EVOLUTION: Stories from the Front. Science 284:923.
Book Review of The Darwin Wars How Stupid Genes Became Selfish Gods by Andrew Brown.

STEELE, 1999 May 06. Palaeoanthropology: Stone legacy of skilled hands. Nature 399:24.

WHITFIELD, 1999 May 06. Evolution: Heard but not seen. Nature 399:24.

PAWLOWSKI et al., 1999 May 06. Naked foraminiferans revealed. Nature 399:27.

WINTERBOTTOM et al., 1999 May 06. A stimulatory phalloid organ in a weaver bird. Nature 399: 28.

DICKINSON AND SEGER, 1999 May 06. Cause and effect in evolution. Nature 399: 30.

ROCHE et al., 1999 May 06. Early hominid stone tool production and technical skill 2.34 Myr ago in West Turkana, Kenya. Nature 399: 57-60.

BURGERS AND CHIAPPE, 1999 May 06. The wing of Archaeopteryx as a primary thrust generator. Nature 399:60-62.

Shear, 1999 May-June. Millipeds. American Scientist 87:.

Benner, 1999 May-June The Holes in Gould's Semipermeable Membrane Between Science and Religion. American Scientist 87:.
Book Review of Rocks of Ages: Science and Religion in the Fullness of Life by Stephan Jay Gould.

Bowler , 1999 May-June. Pennock's Primer for Defending Science. American Scientist 87:.
Book Review of Tower of Babel: The Evidence against the New Creationism by Robert T. Pennock.

Chase, 1999 May-June. The Golden Rule Covered in Fur: An Animal Model for Citizenship. American Scientist 87:.
Book Review of Cheating Monkeys and Citizen Bees: The Nature of Cooperation in Animals and Humans by Lee Dugatkin.

Westenberg, 1999 May. The Rise of Life on Earth. National Geographic.

Smuts, 1999 May. Sanctifying the Cosmos. Scientific American.
Book Review of The Sacred Depths of Nature by Ursula Goodenough

Beardsley, 1999 May. Mutations Galore. Scientific American. 'Humans have high mutation rates. But why worry?'

???, 1999 May. The Editors Recommend. Scientific American.
Book Review of Children of Prometheus: The Accelerating Pace of Human Evolution by Christopher Wills.

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