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All ARTICLES and BOOK REVIEWS (after October) relating to evolution from American Scientist, National Geographic, Nature, Science, and Scientific American are listed. The most recent articles are first.

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Artificial Life; Origin of Life; Origin of Eukaryotes, Organelles; Origins and Evolution of Prokaryotes, Viruses, Transposons, Introns, etc.

Origins of Higher Eukaryotic Taxa: Animal Phyla, Mammalian and Modern Bird Orders, etc.

Ancient Birds; Dinosaurs; Other Ancient Reptiles

Human Origins and Evolution

Other Evolutionary Biology

Political, Religious, and Educational Issues


Artificial Life; Origin of Life; Origin of Eukaryotes, Organelles; Origins and Evolution of Prokaryotes, Viruses, Transposons, Introns, etc.
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Embley and Martin, 1998 Dec 10. Molecular evolution: A hydrogen-producing mitochondrion. Nature 396:517-519. [origin of hydrogenosomes] {Akhmanova et al., 1998 Dec 10}.

Akhmanova et al., 1998 Dec 10. A hydrogenosome with a genome. Nature 396:527-528. [origin of hydrogenosomes] {Embley and Martin, 1998 Dec 10}.

Vogel, 1998 Nov 20. EXOBIOLOGY: Finding Life's Limits. Science 282:1399. [meteorite "fossils" too small for life] {Kerr, 1998 Nov 27}.

Kerr, 1998 Nov 20. EXOBIOLOGY: Requiem for Life on Mars? Support for Microbes Fades. Science 282:1398. [meteorite "fossils" too small for life] {Vogel, 1998 Nov 27}.

Zimmer, 1998 Nov 12. How many more eurekas in the bath? Nature 396:129.
Book Review of What Remains To Be Discovered: Mapping the Secrets of the Universe, the Origins of Life, and the Future of the Human Raceby John Maddox .

Gray, 1998 Nov 12. Rickettsia, typhus and the mitochondrial connection. Nature 396:109-110. [typhus bacterium related mitochondria] {Andersson et al, 1998 Nov 12}.

Andersson et al, 1998 Nov 12. The genome sequence of Rickettsia prowazekii and the origin of mitochondria. Nature 396:133-140. [typhus bacterium related mitochondria] {Gray, 1998 Nov 12}.

Andersson et al, 1998 Nov 6. Evidence That Gene Amplification Underlies Adaptive Mutability of the Bacterial lac Operon. Science 282:1133-1135. [stress, rapid evolution].

1998 Oct 8, Bengston. The mother of all questions. Nature 395:560.
Book Review of The Fifth Miracle: The Search for the Origin of Life by Paul Davies.

Schneider, 1998 Oct. Polarized Life. Scientific American (Oct 1998) [clues from space to the homochirality of organic molecules].

Grigoriev, 1998 Sep 25. Genome Arithmetic. Science 281:1923-1994. [base composition bias varies along genome] {Freeman et al. 1998 Mar 20}.

Service, 1998 Sep 25. A Biomolecule Building Block From Vents. Science 281:1936-1937. [possible source of ammonia for origin of life].

Vargas et al., 1998 Sep 03. Microbiological evidence for Fe(III) reduction on early Earth. Nature 395:65. [Archaea and Bacteria, phylogeny].

Schimmel and Alexander, 1998 Jul 31. PROTEIN SYNTHESIS: All You Need Is RNA. Science 281:658-659. [origin of life, RNA world].

Irion, 1998 Jul 31. ORIGIN OF LIFE: Did Twisty Starlight Set Stage for Life? Science 281:626-627 . [origin of life, 'left-handed' amino acids].

Vogel, 1998 Jul 31. ORIGIN OF LIFE: Sulfurous Start for Protein Synthesis? Science 281:627-629. [thermophilic origin of life] {Huber and Wächtershäuser, 1998 July 31}.

Huber and Wächtershäuser, 1998 Jul 31. Peptides by Activation of Amino Acids with CO on (Ni,Fe)S Surfaces: Implications for the Origin of Life. Science 281:670-672. [thermophilic origin of life] {Vogel, 1998 July 31}.

Vogel, 1998 Jul 17. EVOLUTION: Tracking the History of the Genetic Code. Science 281:329. [Origin of the genetic code] {Pennisi, 1998 Jul 17}.

Pennisi, 1998 Jul 17. EVOLUTION: The First Codon and Its Descendants. Science 281:330. [Origin of the genetic code] {Vogel, 1998 Jul 17}.

Chistoserdova et al., 1998 Jul 3. C1 Transfer Enzymes and Coenzymes Linking Methylotrophic Bacteria and Methanogenic Archaea. Science 281:99-102. [methylotrophy and methanogenesis involve common genes that cross the bacterial/archaeal boundaries].

Korber et al., 1998 Jun 19. Limitations of a Molecular Clock Applied to Considerations of the Origin of HIV-1. Science 280:1868-1871.

Choi et al, 1998 Jun 12. Promotion of Met-tRNAiMet Binding to Ribosomes by yIF2, a Bacterial IF2 Homolog in Yeast. Science 280:1757-1760. [protein synthesis in eukaryotes and prokaryotes more similar than previously believed].

Lawler, 1998 May 29 . SPACE AND LIFE SCIENCES: Astrobiology Institute Picks Partners. Science 280:1338. [origin of life, exobiology].

Henk et al., 1998 May 28. Ordering entropy. Nature 393:305-307. [complexity] {Adams et al., 1998 May 28}.

Adams et al., 1998 May 28. Entropically driven microphase transitions in mixtures of colloidal rods and spheres. Nature 393:349. [complexity] {Henk et al., 1998 May 28}.

Martin et al., 1998 May 14. Gene transfer to the nucleus and the evolution of chloroplasts. Nature 393:62. [endosymbiosis, chloroplast evolution].

Bowden et al., 1998 May 14. Spontaneous formation of ordered structures in thin films of metals supported on an elastomeric polymer. Nature 393:146. [spontanous generation of complex order].

Gupta et al., 1998 May 8. Chaos, Persistence, and Evolution of Strain Structure in Antigenically Diverse Infectious Agents. Science 280:912-915.

Kidwell and Lisch, 1998 May 7. Transposons unbound. Nature 393:22-23. [transposable elements, methylation] {O`Neill et al., 1998 May 7}.

O`Neill et al., 1998 May 7. Undermethylation associated with retroelement activation and chromosome remodelling in an interspecific mammalian hybrid. Nature 393:068. [transposable elements, methylation, karyotypic evolution] {Kidwell and Lisch, 1998 May 7}.

Pennisi, 1998 May 1. EVOLUTION: Genome Data Shake Tree of Life. Science 280:672. [Phylogenetic analyses of DNA sequence data are threatening the `three domain` theory of life, and the idea of a simple branching tree.] {Pennisi, 1998 May 1}.

Pennisi, 1998 May 1. EVOLUTION: Direct Descendants From an RNA World. Science 280:673. [One group of scientists suggests that eukaryotes may have preceded prokaryotes.] {Pennisi, 1998 May 1}.

Mazel et al., 1998 Apr 24. A Distinctive Class of Integron in the Vibrio cholerae Genome. Science 280:605-608. [Antibiotic resistance integrons are similar to a more general gene capture system in the Cholera bacterium.] {Pennisi, 1998 Apr 24}.

DeLong, 1998 April 24. MICROBIOLOGY: Archaeal Means and Extremes. Science 280:542. [bacteria, prokaryote].

Pennisi, 1998 Apr 24. MICROBIOLOGY: Versatile Gene Uptake System Found in Cholera Bacterium. Science 280:521. [Antibiotic resistance integrons are similar to a more general gene capture system in the Cholera bacterium.] {Mazel et al., 1998 Apr 24.}.

Balter, 1998 Apr 03. Gene Sequencing: Did Life Begin in Hot Water? Science 280:31. [French to sequence genome of key member of Archaea].

Al-Kaff et al., 1998 Mar 27. Transcriptional and Posttranscriptional Plant Gene Silencing in Response to a Pathogen. Science 279:2113 - 2115. [plant defense against parasitic DNA].

Deckert et al., 1998 Mar 26. The complete genome of the hyperthermophilic bacterium Aquifex aeolicus. Nature 392:353. [1,551,335 base pairs of Aquifex aeolicus summarized].

MacBeath et al., 1998 Mar 20. Redesigning Enzyme Topology by Directed Evolution. Science 279:1958 - 1961. [convergent artificial evolution of an enzyme] {Stokstad, 1998 Mar 20}.

Stokstad, 1998 Mar 20. PROTEIN DESIGN: The Bare Bones of Catalysis. Science 279:1852. [convergent artificial evolution of an enzyme] {MacBeath et al., 1998 Mar 20}.

Freeman et al., 1998 Mar 20. Patterns of Genome Organization in Bacteria. Science 279:1827. [Nonrandom patterns of nucleotide ratios along bacterial genes].

Lawler, 1998 Mar 20. ASTROBIOLOGY: Ames Tackles the Riddle of Life. Science 279:1840. [opening of the Astrobiology Institute at NASA`s Ames Research Center].

Saks et al., 1998 Mar 13. Evolution of a Transfer RNA Gene Through a Point Mutation in the Anticodon. Science 279:1665-1670. [A new model of tRNA evolution].

Vogel, 1998 Mar 13. EVOLUTION: Did the First Complex Cell Eat Hydrogen?. Science 279:1663. [mitochondria, chloroplast, archaebacteria, symbiosis] {Martin and Muller, 1998 Mar 05}.

Burke et al., 1998 Mar 12. Are retrotransposons long-term hitch-hikers? Nature 392:141. [transposable elements, genome evolution].

Doolittle, 1998 Mar 05. A paradigm gets shifty. Nature 392:15-16. [mitochondria, chloroplast, archaebacteria, symbiosis] {Martin and Muller, 1998 Mar 05}.

Martin and Muller, 1998 Mar 05. The hydrogen hypothesis for the first eukaryote. Nature 392:37. [mitochondria, chloroplast, archaebacteria, symbiosis] {Doolittle, 1998 Mar 05; Vogel, 1998 Mar 13}.

Monastersky, 1998 Mar. The Rise of Life on Earth. National Geographic. [abiogenesis, origin of life, creationism, religion].

Levy, 1998 Mar. The Challenge of Antibiotic Resistance. Scientific American. [bacteria].

Podar et al., 1998 Feb 26. Group II intron splicing in vivo by first-step hydrolysis. Nature 391:915. [Clue to a step in the evolution of splicing mechanisms?]

McFadden, 1998 Jan 02. VIROLOGY: Even Viruses Can Learn to Cope with Stress. Science 279:40.

Ingber, 1998 Jan. The Architecture of Life: A universal set of building rules seems to guide the design of organic structures--from simple carbon compounds to complex cells and tissues. Scientific American.

Hayes, 1998 Jan. The Invention of the Genetic Code. American Scientist.


Origins of Higher Eukaryotic Taxa: Animal Phyla, Mammalian and Modern Bird Orders, etc.
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Ruvkun and Hobert, 1998 Dec 11. The Taxonomy of Developmental Control in Caenorhabditis elegans. Science 282:2033. [genomic comparisons] {Chervitz et al., 1998 Dec 11}.

Chervitz et al., 1998 Dec 11. Comparison of the Complete Protein Sets of Worm and Yeast: Orthology and Divergence . Science 282:2022. [genomic comparisons] {Ruvkun and Hobert, 1998 Dec 11}.

Zhang et al., 1998 Dec 4. Interpreting Late Precambrian Microfossils. Science Dec 4 1998:1783. {disagreements over 580 million year old "embryos" from south China}.

LOCKLEY, 1998 Dec 3. The vertebrate track record. Nature 396:429-432. [fossil footprints, bias in the fossil record].

ROUGIER et al., 1998 Dec 3. Implications of Deltatheridium specimens for early marsupial history. Nature 396:459-463. [basal metatherians].

Crepet, 1998 Nov 27. The Abominable Mystery. Science 282: 1653-1654. [angiosperm origins] {Ge Sun et al., 1998 Nov 27}.

Ge Sun et al., 1998 Nov 27. In Search of the First Flower: A Jurassic Angiosperm, Archaefructus, from Northeast China. Science 282: 1692-1695. [angiosperm origins] {Crepet, 1998 Nov 27}.

Amores et al., 1998 Nov 27. Zebrafish hox Clusters and Vertebrate Genome Evolution. Science 282: 1711-1714. [HOX genes, vertebrate evolution].

Kerr, 1998 Nov 6. PALEONTOLOGY: Earliest Animals Old Once More?. Science 282:1020a. [dating, origin of multicellular life].

Stidham, 1998 Nov 5. A lower jaw from a Cretaceous parrot. Nature 396:29-30. [evolution of bird orders].

Stokes and Holland, 1998. The Lancelet. American Scientist 86 (Nov-Dec 1998). [amphioxus, vertebrate evolution].

1998 Oct 23, Kerr. PALEONTOLOGY: Fossils Challenge Age of Billion-Year-Old Animals. Science 282: 601a-602a. [dating; multicellular life].

1998 Oct 15, Janvier. Palaeontology: Forerunners of four legs. Nature 395:748. ["Since the 1930s, palaeontologists have thought that four-legged land vertebrates (or tetrapods) evolved from a group of lobe-finned fishes called osteolepiforms. This is now confirmed by an analysis of the osteolepiforms, which concludes that they are actually an ensemble of primitive tetrapodomorphs. This is a large group that, as expected, also includes the tetrapods."] {1998 Oct 15, Nowak and Sigmund}.

1998 Oct 15, Ahlberg and Johanson. Osteolepiforms and the ancestry of tetrapods. Nature 395:792-794. [fish-tetrapod transition, phylogeny, Tetrapodomorpha] {1998 Oct 15, Janvier}.

1998 Oct 8, Lee. From fins to limbs and back again. Nature 395:558.
Book Review of At the Water's Edge: Macroevolution and the Transformation of Life by Carl Zimmer.

Brasier, 1998 Oct 8. Animal evolution: From deep time to late arrivals. Nature 395:547. ["Last week, an extraordinary claim was published -- that tiny fossil tunnels created by burrowing creatures about one billion years ago had been identified in rocks in central India. If true, this would double the time span of the animal fossil record. But apart from doubts over the interpretation of the structures as tunnels, the rocks may be only about half the age claimed."] {Kerr, 1998 Oct 2; Seilacher, et al., 1998 Oct 2}.

Seilacher, et al., 1998 Oct 2. Triploblastic Animals More Than 1 Billion Years Ago: Trace Fossil Evidence from India. Science 282: 80-83. [fossil evidence of multicellular evidence pushed back 400 million years] {Seilacher, et al., 1998 Oct 2; Brasier, 1998 Oct 8}.

Kerr, 1998 Oct 2 . PALEONTOLOGY: Tracks of Billion-Year-Old Animals? Science 282: 19b-21b. [fossil evidence of multicellular evidence pushed back 400 million years] {Kerr, 1998 Oct 2; Brasier, 1998 Oct 8}.

Averof, 1998 Oct 1. Evolutionary biology: Origin of the spider's head. Nature 395:436. [ "By comparing the segments that make up the head structures of different arthropods, we can work out how related the classes of arthropod are. Until now it has been difficult to equate head structures of crustaceans and insects with those of the chelicerates (spiders and crabs, for example). But two studies based on the expression of developmental genes allow this to be done for the first time."].

Thewissen et al., 1998 Oct 1. Whale ankles and evolutionary relationships. Nature 395:452. [phylogenetic origin of Cetacea]. **

1998 Sep-Oct, Bowler. Cambrian Conflict: Crucible an Assault on Gould's Burgess Shale Interpretation. American Scientist 86:.
Book Review of Crucible of Creation: The Burgess Shale and the Rise of Animals, Theby Simon Conway Morris.

Qiu et al. , 1998 Aug 13. The gain of three mitochondrial introns identifies liverworts as the earliest land plants. Nature 394:671. [phylogeny, evolution of major plant groups].

Normile, 1998 Aug 7. MAMMALIAN EVOLUTION MEETING: New Views of the Origins of Mammals. Science 281:774-775. [evolution of mammalian orders; phylogeny; whales].

Johanson and Ahlberg, 1998 Aug 6. A complete primitive rhizodont from Australia . Nature 394:569. [fish-tetrapod transition ].

Gandolfo et al., 1998 Aug 6. Oldest known fossils of monocotyledons. Nature 394:532.

Farrell, 1998 Jul 24. "Inordinate Fondness" Explained: Why Are There So Many Beetles? Science 281:555-559. [beetles, phylogeny, adaptive radiation, coevolution ] {Morell, 1998 Jul 24}.

Morell, 1998 Jul 24. ENTOMOLOGY: Earth's Unbounded Beetlemania Explained. Science 281:501-503. [coevolution, speciation in insects] {Farrell , 1998 Jul 24}.

Edgecombe, 1998 Jul 9. Devonian terrestrial arthropods from Gondwana . Nature 394:172. ['high class-level diversity of myriapods in the Devonian '] {Lincoln, 1998 Jul 9}.

Lincoln, 1998 Jul 9. Ancient Australian arthropods. Nature 394:127. ['high class-level diversity of myriapods in the Devonian '] {Edgecombe, 1998 Jul 9}.

Clack, 1998 Jul 2. A new Early Carboniferous tetrapod with a mélange of crown-group characters. Nature 394:66. [Amphibia-amniota intermediate] {Shubin, 1998 Jul 2}.

Shubin, 1998 Jul 2. Evolutionary cut and paste. Nature 394:12-13. [Amphibia, parallel evolution] {Clack, 1998 Jul 2}.

Winnepenninckx et al., 1998 Jun 18. Relations of the new phylum Cycliophora. Nature 393:637.

Jensen et al., 1998 Jun 11. Ediacara-type fossils in Cambrian sediments. Nature 393:567. [Vendian, Vendobionta, Cambrian explosion].

Gibbons, 1998 May 1. EVOLUTIONARY BIOLOGY: Genes Put Mammals in Age of Dinosaurs. Science 280:675. [DNA evidence contradicts fossil record] {Kumar and Hedges, 1998 April 30}.

Kumar and Hedges, 1998 April 30. A molecular timescale for vertebrate evolution. Nature 392:917. [molecular clock, evolutionary radiation] {Gibbons, 1998 May 1}.

Brooke et al., 1998 April 30. The ParaHox gene cluster is an evolutionary sister of the Hox gene cluster. Nature 392:920. [Cambrian explosion].

Balavoine and Adoutte 1998 Apr 17. EVOLUTION: One or Three Cambrian Radiations? Science 280:397. [`Balavoine and Adoutte discuss recent findings that may allow a reinterpretation of animal phylogeny and may have a profound bearing on understanding of the Cambrian explosion.`].

Boore et al., 1998 Apr 16. Gene translocation links insects and crustaceans. Nature 392:667. [arthropod phylogeny].

Labandeir, 1998 Apr 03. PALEOBIOLOGY: How Old Is the Flower and the Fly? Science 280:57. [Fossil of nectar-feeding fly suggests late Jurassic origin of angiosperms] {Ren, 1998 Apr 03}.

Ren, 1998 Apr 03. Flower-Associated Brachycera Flies as Fossil Evidence for Jurassic Angiosperm Origins. Science 280:85. [Fossil of nectar-feeding fly suggests late Jurassic origin of angiosperms] {Labandeir, 1998 Apr 03}.

Monastersky, 1998 Apr. Life Grows Up. National Geographic. [`Bizarre organisms filled the seas more than half a billion years ago, foreshadowing the rise of more complex creatures.`].

Kerr, 1998 Feb 06. PALEONTOLOGY: Pushing Back the Origins of Animals. Science 279:803. [Oldest known fossil representatives of a living phylum (sponges) and apparent animal embryos found in rock predating the Cambrian explosion by 30 million years.] {Li et al., 1998 Feb 06}

Li et al., 1998 Feb 06. Precambrian Sponges with Cellular Structures. Science 279:879. [Oldest known fossil representatives of a living phylum (sponges) found in rock predating the Cambrian explosion by 30 million years.] {Kerr, 1998 Feb 06; Xiao et al., 1998 Feb 05}

Bengston, 1998 Feb 05. Animal embryos in deep time. Nature 391:529-530. [Oldest known apparent animal embryos found in rock predating the Cambrian explosion by 30 million years.] {Xiao et al., 1998 Feb 05}

Xiao et al., 1998 Feb 05. Three-dimensional preservation of algae and animal embryos in a Neoproterozoic. Nature391:553. [Oldest known apparent animal embryos found in rock predating the Cambrian explosion by 30 million years.] {Bengston, 1998 Feb 05; Li et al., 1998 Feb 06}

Dean, 1998 Jan. The Molecular Anatomy of an Ancient Adaptive Event. American Scientist. [Protein engineering identifies the structural basis of a 3.5 billion-year-old adaptation`.]


Ancient Birds; Dinosaurs; Other Ancient Reptiles
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Martill and Davis, 1998 Dec 10. Did dinosaurs come up to scratch? Nature 396:528-529. [ectoparasites].

WILKINSON et al., 1998 Dec 3. Robust dinosaur phylogeny? Nature 396:423-424. [Ankylosauria, phylogenetic methods].

Chiappe et al., 1998 Nov 19. Sauropod dinosaur embryos from the Late Cretaceous of Patagonia.Nature 396:258-261.

Stokstad, 1998 Nov 13. PALEONTOLOGY: Popular Interest Fuels a Dinosaur Research Boom. Science 282: 1246-1247. [dinosaurs].

Holtz, 1998 Nov 13. PALEONTOLOGY: Spinosaurs as Crocodile Mimics. Science 282: 1276-1277. [dinosaurs, convergent evolution] {Serenoet al., 1998 Nov 13}.

Serenoet al., 1998 Nov 13. A Long-Snouted Predatory Dinosaur from Africa and the Evolution of Spinosaurids. Science 282: 1298-1302. [dinosaurs, convergent evolution] {Holtz, 1998 Nov 13}.

Johnson, 1998 Nov-Dec. Moon over Chicxulub: Will Night Finally Fall on the Dinosaur-Extinction Debate? American Scientist 86 (Nov-Dec 1998). .
Book Review of Night Comes to the Cretaceous: Dinosaur Extinction and the Transformation of Modern Geology by James Lawrence Powell.

1998 Oct 23, Stokstad. PALEONTOLOGY: Young Dinos Grew Up Fast. Science 282: 603a-604a. [dinosaurs].

Britt et al., 1998 Sep 24. Postcranial pneumatization in Archaeopteryx. Nature 395:374. [skeletal feature reinforces link between birds and theropod dinosaurs].

Sato and Tanabe, 1998 Aug 13. Cretaceous plesiosaurs ate ammonites. Nature 394:629.

Zhao and Xu , 1998 Jul 16. The oldest coelurosaurian. Nature 394:234.

Ackerman, 1998 Jul. Dinosaurs Take Wing. National Geographic. [Dinosaur-bird intermediates from China] {Padian, 1998 Jun 25; Ji et al., 1998 Jun 25}.

Gibbon, 1998 Jun 26. PALEONTOLOGY: Dinosaur Fossils, in Fine Feather, Show Link to Birds. Science 280:2051. [feathered dinosaurs, or flightless birds?] {Ji et al., 1998 Jun 25; Ackerman, 1998 Jul; Padian, 1998 Jun 25}.

Ji et al., 1998 Jun 25. Two feathered dinosaurs from northeastern China . Nature 393:753. [These dinosaur-bird intermediates are more 'primitive' than Archaeopteryx, but also more recent.] {Ackerman, 1998 Jul, Padian, 1998 Jun 25}.

Padian, 1998 Jun 25. When is a bird not a bird? Nature 393:729-730. [Origin of birds] {Ji et al., 1998 Jun 25, Ackerman, 1998 Jul}.

Carpenter et al., 1998 Jun 25. Skull of a Jurassic ankylosaur (Dinosauria). Nature 393:782. [Dinosaur].

Andrews and Fernandez-Jalvo, 1998 Jun 18. 101 uses for fossilized faeces. Nature 393:629-630. [coprolite of large carniverous dinosaur] {Chin et al., 1998 Jun 18}.

Chin et al., 1998 Jun 18. A king-sized theropod coprolite. Nature 393:680. [coprolite of large carniverous dinosaur] {Andrews and Fernandez-Jalvo, 1998 Jun 18}.

Motani et al., 1998 May 21. Ichthyosaurian relationships illuminated by new primitive skeletons from Japan. Nature 393:255. [position of ancient aquatic reptiles in the tree of life].

Sampson et al., 1998 May 15. Predatory Dinosaur Remains from Madagascar: Implications for the Cretaceous Biogeography of Gondwana. Science 280:1048-1051. [additional evidence for prolonged link between South America, Madagascar, and India].

Burke and Feduccia 1998 Apr 17. Counting the Fingers of Birds and Dinosaurs. Science 280:355. [Reply to criticism of their earlier paper.] {Burke and Feduccia, 1998 Oct 24. Developmental Patterns and the Identification of Homologies in the Avian Hand. Science 278:666-668.

Hirayama, 1998 Apr 16. Oldest known sea turtle. Nature 392:705. [salt, marine reptile].

Sasso and Signore, 1998 Mar 26. Exceptional soft-tissue preservation in a theropod dinosaur from Italy. Nature 392:383. [exceptional soft anatomy preservation in a theropod dinosaur].

Forster et al., 1998 Mar 20. The Theropod Ancestry of Birds: New Evidence from the Late Cretaceous of Madagascar. Science 279:1915 - 1919. [primitive bird fossil reinforces bird link to theropod dinosaurs] {Gibbons, 1998 Mar 20}.

Gibbons, 1998 Mar 20. PALEONTOLOGY: Missing Link Ties Birds, Dinosaurs. Science 279:1851. [primitive bird fossil reinforces bird link to theropod dinosaurs] {Forster et al., 1998 Mar 20}.

Chiappe et al. <1998 Mar 19. The skull of a relative of the stem-group bird Mononykus. Nature 392:275. [bird origins, dinosaur].

Wang, 1998 Mar 13. PALEONTOLOGY: Scientists Flock to Explore China`s `Site of the Century`. Science 279:1626. [A fossil site in China contains evidence relevant to theories of bird origins.].

Feduccia et al., 1998 Feb 19. Theropod-bird link reconsidered. Nature 391:754.

Unwin, 1998 Jan 08. Feathers, filaments and theropod dinosaurs. Nature 391:119-120. Dinosaurs with possible `proto-feathers`. {Chen et al., 1998 Jan 08}

Chen et al., 1998 Jan 08. An exceptionally well-preserved theropod dinosaur from the Yixian Formation of China. Nature 391:147. {Unwin, 1998 Jan 08}


Human Origins and Evolution
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Rupke, 1998 Dec 17. The secret life of the Neanderthal. Nature 396:639a.
Book Review of Ancestral Images: The Iconography of Human Origins by Stephanie Moser.

Gee, 1998 Dec 10. Palaeontology: The face of Cinderella. Nature 396:521. [hominid, Australopithecus].

YU AND SHEPARD, 1998 Nov 26. Is beauty in the eye of the beholder? Nature 396:321 - 322. [male preference for low waist-to-hip ratio in women not universal].

Holden, 1998 Nov 20. ANTHROPOLOGY: No Last Word on Language Origins. Science 282:1455. [capacity for human speach likely existed 150,000 years ago].

Appenzeller, 1998 Nov 20. ART: Evolution or Revolution? Science 282:1451. [Neandertals also artists?].

Pringle, 1998 Nov 20. NEOLITHIC AGRICULTURE: Reading the Signs of Ancient Animal Domestication. Science 282:1448. [pigs domesticated before cultivation].

Robb, 1998 Nov 19. Chips off the old block. Nature 396:231. .
Book Review of Lost Civilisations of the Stone Age by Richard Rudgley.

Nesse and Williams, 1998 November. Evolution and the Origins of Disease. Scientific American (Nov 1998). ["The principles of evolution by natural selection are finally beginning to inform medicine"].

1998 Oct 23, Carey. NEUROSCIENCE: Knowledge of Number: Its Evolution and Ontogeny. Science 282: 641-642. [human evolution; intelligence].

Mellars, 1998 Oct 8. The fate of the Neanderthals. Nature 395:539. [ "Between about 30,000 and 40,000 years ago, the Neanderthals in Europe were replaced by populations of behaviourally and biologically modern humans. What happened during that period?"].

Kemp, 1998 Oct 1. Haeckel's hierarchies. Nature 395:447. ["The now-familiar concept of drawing lines of descent as trees seems harmless enough. But it led Ernst Haeckel (who bent the evidence to prove his Darwinian theories) into believing in the evolution of a Germanic super-race."].

Gibbons, 1998 Sep 4. COMPARATIVE GENETICS: Which of Our Genes Make Us Human? Science 281:1432-1434. [human-ape genetic differences] {Gibson, 1998 Sep 4}.

Gibson, 1998 Sep 4. COMPARATIVE GENETICS: Pushing a Primate Genome Project. Science 281:1433. [human-ape genetic differences] {Gibbons, 1998 Sep 4}.

Agnew and Demas, 1998 Sep. Preserving the Laetoli Footprints. Scientific American, 44-55.

Perret et al., 1998 Aug 27. Effects of sexual dimorphism on facial attractiveness. Nature 394:884. [neoteny] {Enquist and Ghirlanda, 1998 Aug 27}.

Enquist and Ghirlanda, 1998 Aug 27. The secrets of faces. Nature 394:826-827. {Perret et al., 1998 Aug 27}.

Lummaa et al., 1998 Aug 6. Natural selection on human twinning. Nature 394:533.

Berger, 1998 Aug. The Dawn of Humans. National Geographic. [homoplasy, Australopithecus, hominid]

Gibbons, 1998 Jul 31. PRIMATE EVOLUTION: New Study Points to Eurasian Ape as Great Ape Ancestor. Science 281:622-623. [hominoid evolution].

Kobayashi et al., 1998 Jul 23. An ancient retrotransposal insertion causes Fukuyama-type congenital muscular dystrophy. Nature 394:388. ['human disease to be caused by an ancient retrotransposal integration'].

Weiner et al., 1998 Jul 10. Evidence for the Use of Fire at Zhoukoudian, China. Science 281:251-253. [Evidence for fire use before 300,000 years ago now in doubt.] {Wuethrich, 1998 Jul 10}.

Wuethrich, 1998 Jul 10. ARCHAEOLOGY: Geological Analysis Damps Ancient Chinese Fires. Science 281:165-166. [Evidence for fire use before 300,000 years ago now in doubt.] {Weiner et al., 1998 Jul 10}.

Falk, 1998 Jun 12. PALEONTOLOGY: Hominid Brain Evolution: Looks Can Be Deceiving. Science 280:1714. [Endocranial capacity reports for Australopithecus africanus may be overestimates] {Conroy et al., 1998 Jun 12}.

Conroy et al., 1998 Jun 12. Endocranial Capacity in an Early Hominid Cranium from Sterkfontein, South Africa. Science 280:1730-1731. [Endocranial capacity reports for Australopithecus africanus may be overestimates] {Falk, 1998 Jun 12}.

Gibbons, 1998 Jun 5. HUMAN ORIGINS: Old, Old Skull Has a New Look. Science 280:1525. [origin of Homo sapiens] {Abbate et al., 1998 Jun 4}.

Abbate et al., 1998 Jun 4. A one-million-year-old Homo cranium from the Danakil (Afar) Depression of Eritrea. Nature 393:458. [human origins] {Gibbons, 1998 Jun 5}.

Gibbons, 1998 May 29 a. EVOLUTION: Solving the Brain's Energy Crisis. Science 280:1345. [brain evolution] {Gibbons, 1998 May 29 b}.

Gibbons, 1998 May 29 c. ARCHAEOLOGY: Young Ages for Australian Rock Art. Science 280:1351. [Humans have not been in Australia so long after all.] {Roberts et al., 1998 May 28}.

Roberts et al., 1998 May 28. Optical and radiocarbon dating at Jinmium rock shelter in northern Australia. Nature 393:358. [Dating suggests Australian rock art less than 10kyr old, much younger than recent estimates.] {Gibbons, 1998 May 29 c}.

Lieberman, 1998 May 14. Sphenoid shortening and the evolution of modern human cranial shape. Nature 393:158. [an explanation for the 'apparently rapid evolution of modern human cranial form'].

Marshall and Pennisi, 1998 May 15. SEQUENCING: Hubris and the Human Genome. Science 280:994. [plans to sequence the entire human genome in 3 years].

Leakey et al., 1998 May 7. New specimens and confirmation of an early age for Australopithecus. Nature 393:62. [hominid] {Bower, 1998 May 16}.

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Other Evolutionary Biology
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Political, Religious, and Educational Issues
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