News: 2001

News relating to evolution from American Scientist, National Geographic, Nature, Science, and Scientific American are listed. The most recent articles are first.

Artificial Life; Origin of Life, Eukaryotes, Organelles; Origin/Evolution of Prokaryotes, Viruses, Introns, etc.
Ancient Birds; Dinosaurs; Other Ancient Reptiles
Human Origins and Evolution; Domestication
Other Evolutionary Biology
Political, Religious, and Educational Issues

?, 2001 Dec. Supercroc. National Geographic.

Pennisi, 2001 Dec 21. MOLECULAR EVOLUTION: Genome Duplications: The Stuff of Evolution? Science 294:2458-2460.

Karol et al., 2001 Dec 14. The Closest Living Relatives of Land Plants. Science 294:2351-2353.

Pennisi, 2001 Dec 14. MAMMALIAN EVOLUTION: Placentals' Family Tree Drawn and Quartered. Science 294:2266-2268.

Balter, 2001 Dec 14. ARCHAEOLOGY: Did Plaster Hold Neolithic Society Together? Science 294:2278-2281.

Normile, 2001 Dec 14. EVOLUTIONARY GENOMICS: The Ups and Downs of Evolution. Science 294:2281-2282.

ZUK, 2001 Dec 13. Sex appeal of a musical insect. (restricted access) Nature 414:691.
Book Review of Katydids and Bush-Crickets: Reproductive Behavior and Evolution of the Tettigoniidae by Darryl T. Gwynne.

Budd et al., 2001 Dec 07. Crustaceans and the "Cambrian Explosion". Science 294:2047.

Kerr, 2001 Dec 07. PALEONTOLOGY: Paring Down the Big Five Mass Extinctions. Science 294:2072-2073.

MOGGI-CECCHI, 2001 Dec 06. Human evolution: Questions of growth . (restricted access) Nature 414:595. "The evolution of an extended childhood had implications for human society and culture. New analyses of dental development in fossil hominins suggest that our lengthy growth processes arose quite late in evolution."

STEINER AND SALVINI-PLAWEN, 2001 Dec 06. Invertebrate evolution (Communications arising): Acaenoplax polychaete or mollusc? Nature 414:601.

SUTTON et al., 2001 Dec 06. Invertebrate evolution (Communications arising): Acaenoplax polychaete or mollusc? Nature 414:602.

DEAN et al., 2001 Dec 06. Growth processes in teeth distinguish modern humans from Homo erectus and earlier hominins. Nature 414:628.

Quartz, 2001 Nov-Dec. BIOINFORMATICS: Who Do We Think We Are? American Scientist (Nov-Dec 2001).
Book Review of The Shattered Self: The End of Natural Evolution by Pierre Baldi.

Summers, 2001 Nov-Dec. Genes in Context. American Scientist (Nov-Dec 2001).
Book Review of The Misunderstood Gene by Michel Morange.
Book Review of The Impact of the Gene: From Mendel’s Peas to Designer Babies by Colin Tudge.
Book Review of The Cooperative Gene: How Mendel’s Demon Explains the Evolution of Complex Beings by Mark Ridley.

Chadwick, 2001 Nov. Evolution of Whales. National Geographic (Nov 2001).

?, 2001 Oct 29. The Editors Recommend. Scientific American (Nov 2001).
Book Review of Evolution: The Triumph of an Idea by Carl Zimmer.

DALTON, 2001 Nov 29. Cores set to unearth hole picture of evolution. Nature 414:476.

FEDUCCIA, 2001 Nov 29. Palaeoecology (Communication arising): Fossils and avian evolution. Nature 414:507.

CLARKE AND NORELL, 2001 Nov 29. Palaeoecology (Communication arising): Fossils and avian evolution. Nature 414:508.

SIGMUND AND NOWAK, 2001 Nov 22. Evolution: Tides of tolerance. (restricted access) Nature 414:403. "Humans, and many other species, have a tendency to cooperate and help each other. But how does such behaviour evolve? Some new computer simulations provide a plausible answer."

GEE, 2001 Nov 22. Palaeontology: On being vetulicolian. (restricted access) Nature 414:407. "Some curious fossils from the Cambrian period have been grouped into a new phylum, the Vetulicolia. All of its members are extinct, and their unusual anatomy tempts evolutionary speculation."

SHU et al., 2001 Nov 22. Primitive deuterostomes from the Chengjiang Lagerstätte (Lower Cambrian, China). Nature 414:419.

RIOLO et al., 2001 Nov 22. Evolution of cooperation without reciprocity. Nature 414:441.

KATINKA et al., 2001 Nov 22. Genome sequence and gene compaction of the eukaryote parasite Encephalitozoon cuniculi. Nature 414:450.

KEELING, 2001 Nov 22. Parasites go the full monty. (restricted access) Nature 414:401. "Energy metabolism is an essential function of life. Yet a resourceful parasite with a minimalist genome has discarded much of its metabolism, developing a unique alternative in the process."

Sereno et al., 2001 Nov 16. The Giant Crocodyliform Sarcosuchus from the Cretaceous of Africa. Science 294:1516-1519.

BAKKER AND ZBINDEN, 2001 Nov 15. Evolutionary biology: Counting on immunity. (restricted access) Nature 414:262. "Certain variable immune proteins affect an animal's choice of mate. In some species, females pick males with proteins as dissimilar as possible to their own. Studies of sticklebacks now reveal another mechanism."

SHINE et al., 2001 Nov 15. Animal behaviour: Benefits of female mimicry in snakes. Nature 414:267. "She-male garter snakes exploit the amorous attentions of other males to warm up."

REUSCH et al., 2001 Nov 15. Female sticklebacks count alleles in a strategy of sexual selection explaining MHC polymorphism. Nature 414:300.

Kerr, 2001 Nov 09. ASTROBIOLOGY: Putting a Lid on Life on Europa. Science 294:1258-1259.

Buffetaut, 2001 Nov 08. Tantalizing glimpse of a vanishing dinosaur. Nature 414:147.

Lister and Sher, 2001 Nov 02. The Origin and Evolution of the Woolly Mammoth. Science 294:1094-1097.

Beehler, 2001 Nov 02. ECOLOGY: Island Biogeography Redux, with a Speciation Twist. Science 294:1007-1008.
Book Review of The Birds of Northern Melanesia Speciation, Ecology, and Biogeography by Ernst Mayr and Jared M. Diamond.

Bambach, 2001 Nov 02. Changes in Life Across Many Temporal Scales. Science 294:1008.
Book Review of Evolutionary Patterns Growth, Form, and Tempo in the Fossil Record by Jeremy B. C. Jackson, Scott Lidgard, and Frank K. McKinney, Eds.

ARCHIBALD et al., 2001 Nov 08. Late Cretaceous relatives of rabbits, rodents, and other extant eutherian mammals. Nature 414:62.

SALEHI-ASHTIANI et al., 2001 Nov 08. In vitro evolution suggests multiple origins for the hammerhead ribozyme. Nature 414:82 .

Kate Wong, 2001 Oct. Finding Homo sapiens' Lost Relatives. Scientific American (Oct 2001). "Continuing a family tradition, Meave G. Leakey uncovers the skeletons in your closet."

?, 2001 Oct. The Editors Recommend. Scientific American (Oct 2001).
Book Review of Significant Others: The Ape-Human Continuum and the Quest for Human Nature by Craig Stanford.

STRINGER AND DAVIES, 2001 Oct 25. Archaeology: Those elusive Neanderthals. (restricted access) Nature 413:791. "The 'how, where and when' of possible Neanderthal coexistence with Cro-Magnons, and their extinction, continue to exercise a varied community of researchers. The latest interpretations of the fossil and archaeological records were aired at two meetings."

Rice and Chippindale, 2001 Oct 19. Sexual Recombination and the Power of Natural Selection. Science 294:555-559.

Marivaux et al., 2001 Oct 19. A Fossil Lemur from the Oligocene of Pakistan. Science 294:587-591.

Lenski, 2001 Oct 19. GENETICS AND EVOLUTION: Come Fly, and Leave the Baggage Behind. Science 294:533-534.

Gruber, 2001 Oct 18. Owen was right, as Darwin's work continues . (restricted access) Nature 413:669. "Tribute to Darwin was not a veiled attack but a genuine expression of hope for the future."

Wang et al., 2001 Oct 12. An Ossified Meckel's Cartilage in Two Cretaceous Mammals and Origin of the Mammalian Middle Ear. Science 294:357-361.

DOMNING, 2001 Oct 11. The earliest known fully quadrupedal sirenian. Nature 413:625.

Avise, 2001 Oct 05. Evolving Genomic Metaphors: A New Look at the Language of DNA. Science 294:86-87.

MEYER, 2001 Oct 04. Whither evo-devo? (restricted access) Nature 413:455. "Assessing the interplay between evolutionary and developmental processes."
Book Review of From DNA to Diversity: Molecular Genetics and the Evolution of Animal Design by Sean B. Carroll, Jennifer K. Grenier & Scott D. Weatherbee.

VALLADAS et al., 2001 Oct 04. Palaeolithic paintings: Evolution of prehistoric cave art. Nature 413:479.

JOHNSON et al., 2001 Oct 04. Positive selection of a gene family during the emergence of humans and African apes. Nature 413:514.

Chiappe et al., 2001 Sep 28. Embryonic Skulls of Titanosaur Sauropod Dinosaurs. Science 293:2444-2446.

Clutton-Brock et al., 2001 Sep 28. Effects of Helpers on Juvenile Development and Survival in Meerkats. Science 293:2446-2449.

Gibbons, 2001 Sep 28. PALEOANTHROPOLOGY: Tools Show Humans Reached Asia Early. Science 293:2368-2369.

Stokstad, 2001 Sep 28. PALEONTOLOGY: Unhatched Eggs Help Dinos Get a Head. Science 293:2371.

Kerr, 2001 Sep 28. EVOLUTION: Evolutionary Pulse Found, But Complexity as Well. Science 293:2377. JANE R. reviews

CAMERINI, 2001 Sep 27. The other man to discover evolution. (restricted access) Nature 413:357.
Book Review of Alfred Russel Wallace: A Life by Peter Raby.

ZHU et al., 2001 Sep 27. Earliest presence of humans in northeast Asia. Nature 413:413.

Gingerich et al., 2001 Sep 21. Origin of Whales from Early Artiodactyls: Hands and Feet of Eocene Protocetidae from Pakistan. Science 293:2239-2242.

Richardson et al., 2001 Sep 21. Rapid Diversification of a Species-Rich Genus of Neotropical Rain Forest Trees. Science 293:2242-2245.

Goldsmith, 2001 Sep 21. EVOLUTION: Everyday Impacts of a Most Influential Theory. Science 293:2209-2210.
Book Review of Evolution The Triumph of an Idea by Carl Zimmer.

Bermingham and Dick, 2001 Sep 21. ECOLOGY AND EVOLUTION: Enhanced: The Inga--Newcomer or Museum Antiquity?. Science 293:2214-2216.

Rose, 2001 Sep 21. EVOLUTION: The Ancestry of Whales. Science 293:2216-2217.

GOLDMAN, 2001 Sep 20. Spandrels or selection? (restricted access) Nature 413:252.
Book Review of The Evolutionists: The Struggle for Darwin's Soul by Richard Morris.
Book Review of Dawkins vs. Gould: Survival of the Fittest by Kim Sterelny.

JACOBS, 2001 Sep 20. Reading the history of humanity. (restricted access) Nature 413:254.
Book Review of ttttt by fullnnnn. The Seven Daughters of Eve: The Science That Reveals Our Genetic Ancestry by Bryan Sykes

DE MUIZON, 2001 Sep 20. Walking with whales. (restricted access) Nature 413:259. "Whales must have evolved from land-based mammals, but fossil evidence of some of the steps in between has been patchy. Newly discovered skeletons with legs fill in the gaps."

THEWISSEN et al., 2001 Sep 20. Skeletons of terrestrial cetaceans and the relationship of whales to artiodactyls. Nature 413:277.

GERRISH, 2001 Sep 20. The rhythm of microbial adaptation. Nature 413:299.

Ogata et al., 2001 Sep 14. Mechanisms of Evolution in Rickettsia conorii and R. prowazekii. Science 293:2093-2098.

Pennisi, 2001 Sep 14. EVOLUTIONARY BIOLOGY: Preparing the Ground for a Modern 'Tree of Life'. Science 293:1979-1980.

Balter, 2001 Sep 14. PALEOANTHROPOLOGY: What--or Who--Did In the Neandertals?. Science 293:1980-1981.

KELLER, 2001 Sep 13. The 'new synthesis' vindicated. (restricted access) Nature 413:109. "Sociobiology is here to stay and the debate now needs to move on."
Book Review of The Triumph of Sociobiology by John Alcock.

BLAXTER, 2001 Sep 13. Evolutionary biology: Sum of the arthropod parts. (restricted access) Nature 413:121. "Being an arthropod, with an external skeleton and jointed limbs, is a good thing in evolutionary terms. But the question of how the main groups of arthropods are related remains a subject of intense debate."

MCCRACKEN et al., 2001 Sep 13. Sexual selection: Are ducks impressed by drakes' display? Nature 413:128.

HARRISON et al., 2001 Sep 13. Palaeovegetation (Communications arising): Diversity of temperate plants in east Asia. Nature 413:129.

QIAN AND RICKLEFS, 2001 Sep 13. Palaeovegetation (Communications arising): Diversity of temperate plants in east Asia. Nature 413:130.

HWANG et al., 2001 Sep 13. Mitochondrial protein phylogeny joins myriapods with chelicerates. Nature 413:154.

GIRIBET et al., 2001 Sep 13. Arthropod phylogeny based on eight molecular loci and morphology. Nature 413:157.

Palumbi, 2001 Sep 07. Humans as the World's Greatest Evolutionary Force. Science 293:1786-1790.

ERICKSON, 2001 Sep 06. Cytoskeleton: Evolution in bacteria. (restricted access) Nature 413:30. "Actin is a major component of the cytoskeleton in yeast, plant and animal cells, but when did it evolve? The discovery of a bacterial protein that forms actin-like filaments suggests an answer."

BERLIN AND ELLEGREN, 2001 Sep 06. Evolutionary genetics: Clonal inheritance of avian mitochondrial DNA. Nature 413:37.

VAN DEN ENT et al., 2001 Sep 06. Prokaryotic origin of the actin cytoskeleton. Nature 413:39.

PAVLOV et al., 2001 Sep 06. Human presence in the European Arctic nearly 40,000 years ago. Nature 413:64.

Long et al., 2001 Aug 31. Gene Duplication and Evolution. Science 293:1551.

Stokstad, 2001 Aug 31. SCIENCE ON THE INTERNET: Mysterious E-Photos Vex Paleontologists. Science 293:1573.

?, 2001 Aug 31. Elusive fossil could conceal answer to dinosaur debate. (restricted access) Nature 412:844.

NORELL et al., 2001 Aug 31. Palaeontology: The beaks of ostrich dinosaurs. Nature 412:873.

HAWTHORNE AND VIA, 2001 Aug 31. Genetic linkage of ecological specialization and reproductive isolation in pea aphids. Nature 412:904.

Vogel, 2001 Aug 24. ECOLOGY: African Elephant Species Splits in Two. Science 293:1414.

CAIN, 2001 Aug 23. Galapagos or bust. (restricted access) Nature 412:767.
Book Review of Evolution's Workshop: God and Science on the Galapagos Islands by Edward Larson.

BLINKHORN, 2001 Aug 23. Yes, but what's it for? (restricted access) Nature 412:771. "The current state of language can make it difficult to discuss evolution in an accurate way."

Pennisi, 2001 Aug 17. EVOLUTIONARY BIOLOGY: Queens, Not Workers, Rule the Ant Nest. Science 293:1239-1241.

Balter, 2001 Aug 17. HUMAN EVOLUTION: Max Planck's Meeting of the Anthropological Minds. Science 293:1246-1249.

Pennisi, 2001 Aug 17. HUMAN EVOLUTION: Zoo's New Primate Exhibit to Double as Research Lab. Science 293:1247.

CHARLESWORTH, 2001 Aug 16. The genetic complexity of life. (restricted access) Nature 412:682.
Book Review of The Misunderstood Gene by Michel Morange.

ROBERT AND THOMPSON, 2001 Aug 16. Sex determination: Viviparous lizard selects sex of embryos. Nature 412:698.

?, 2001 Aug 10. The Evolution of Epigenetics. Science 293:1063.

Henikoff et al., 2001 Aug 10. The Centromere Paradox: Stable Inheritance with Rapidly Evolving DNA. Science 293:1098-1102.

Heckman et al., 2001 Aug 10. Molecular Evidence for the Early Colonization of Land by Fungi and Plants. Science 293:1129-1133.

Pennisi, 2001 Aug 10. EVOLUTIONARY BIOLOGY: A Molecular Approach to Mushroom Hunting. Science 293:1027-1028.

Kerr, 2001 Aug 10. PALEONTOLOGY: Mass Extinctions Face Downsizing, Extinction. Science 293:1037.

COYNE, 2001 Aug 09. The case of the missing carpaccio. (restricted access) Nature 412:586.
Book Review of The Evolution Explosion: How Humans Cause Rapid Evolutionary Change by Stephen R. Palumbi.

ELLIS, 2001 Aug 09. An energetic view of nature. (restricted access) Nature 412:587.
Book Review of Cosmic Evolution: The Rise of Complexity in Nature by Eric J. Chaisson.

Witmer, 2001 Aug 03. Nostril Position in Dinosaurs and Other Vertebrates and Its Significance for Nasal Function. Science 293:850-853.

Kaplan, 2001 Aug 03. HUMAN BIOLOGY: Evolution and Our Reproductive Physiology. Science 293:809-810.
Book Review of On Fertile Ground A Natural History of Human Reproduction by Peter Ellison.

Stokstad, 2001 Aug 03. PALEONTOLOGY: Dinosaur Nostrils Get a Hole New Look. Science 293:779.

KRAUSE, 2001 Aug 02. Fossil molar from a Madagascan marsupial.(restricted access) Nature 412:497. " The discovery of a tiny tooth from the Late Cretaceous period has sizeable implications."

ROGERS AND FORSTER, 2001 Aug 02. The last of the dinosaur titans: a new sauropod from Madagascar. Nature 412:530.

PONCE DE LEÓN AND ZOLLIKOFER, 2001 Aug 02. Neanderthal cranial ontogeny and its implications for late hominid diversity. Nature 412:534.

Plutchik, 2001 July-Aug. The Nature of Emotions. American Scientist (July-August 2001).

Fogel, 2001 July-Aug. TECHNOLOGY: RoboSelection. American Scientist (July-August 2001).
Book Review of Evolutionary Robotics: The Biology, Intelligence, and Technology of Self-Organizing Machines by Stefano Nolfi and Dario Floreano.

MILNER, 2001 July. Our Evolving View of the Galápagos. Scientific American (July 2001).
Book Review of Evolution's Workshop: God and Science on the Galápagos Islands by Edward J. Larson.

Gowaty, 2001 July 27. EVOLUTION: Behavioral Just-So Stories, Recast. Science 293:610-611.
Book Review of Animal Traditions Behavioural Inheritance in Evolution by Eytan Avital and Eva Jablonka. "The authors argue for the evolutionary importance of the transfer of information between generations via culture and learning."

BERRY, 2001 July 26. Mitigating mutations. (restricted access) Nature 412:379.
Book Review of The Cooperative Gene: How Mendel's Demon Explains the Evolution of Complex Beings by Mark Ridley.
Book Review of Mendel's Demon: Gene Justice and the Complexity of Life by Mark Ridley.

PADIAN et al., 2001 July 26. Dinosaurian growth rates and bird origins. Nature 412:405.

ERICKSON et al., 2001 July 26. Dinosaurian growth patterns and rapid avian growth rates. Nature 412:429.

Tishkoff et al., 2001 July 20. Haplotype Diversity and Linkage Disequilibrium at Human G6PD: Recent Origin of Alleles That Confer Malarial Resistance. Science 293:455-462.

Volkman et al., 2001 July 20. Recent Origin of Plasmodium falciparum from a Single Progenitor. Science 293:482-484.

Fortey, 2001 July 20. EVOLUTION: The Cambrian Explosion Exploded?. Science 293:438-439.

?, 2001 July 19. Search for alien life reasserts its credibility. (restricted access) Nature 412:260.

WILKE et al., 2001 July 19. Evolution of digital organisms at high mutation rates leads to survival of the flattest. Nature 412:331.

GOULDER et al., 2001 July 19. Evolution and transmission of stable CTL escape mutations in HIV infection. Nature 412:334.

Balter and Gibbons, 2001 July 13. HUMAN EVOLUTION: Another Emissary From the Dawn of Humanity. Science 293:187-189.

NETTLE, 2001 July 12. Eccentric origins of creativity. (restricted access) Nature 412:119. "Did the genes underlying schizophrenia drive human evolution?"
Book Review of The Madness of Adam and Eve: How Schizophrenia Shaped Humanity by David Horrobin.

GEE, 2001 July 12. Palaeontology: Return to the planet of the apes. (restricted access) Nature 412:131. "Fossil evidence of human evolutionary history is fragmentary and open to various interpretations. Fossil evidence of chimpanzee evolution is absent altogether."

WHITFIELD, 2001 July 12. Evolutionary biology: Autumn colour code. (restricted access) Nature 412:136. "Why, before they fall, do the leaves of deciduous trees take on such vivid autumn hues? A provocative proposal has it that the colours are not simply a side-effect of senescence."

WOLDEGABRIEL et al., 2001 July 12. Geology and palaeontology of the Late Miocene Middle Awash valley, Afar rift, Ethiopia. Nature 412:175.

HAILE-SELASSIE, 2001 July 12. Late Miocene hominids from the Middle Awash, Ethiopia. Nature 412:178.

RICHARDSON et al., 2001 July 12. Rapid and recent origin of species richness in the Cape flora of South Africa. Nature 412:181.

BUTLIN AND RITCHIE, 2001 July 05. Evolutionary biology: Searching for speciation genes. (restricted access) Nature 412:31. "The formation of new animal species often results from divergence in male sexual behaviours and female preferences. The genetic basis of this sexual isolation in fruitflies is gradually being revealed."

?, 2001 July 05. Meet the Herod bug. (restricted access) Nature 412:12. "A parasitic bacterium that uses an array of dastardly tricks to favour female hosts over males is holding evolutionary biologists in thrall. Jonathan Knight enters the strange world of Wolbachia."

JAVAUX et al., 2001 July 05. Morphological and ecological complexity in early eukaryotic ecosystems. Nature 412:66.

MERILÄ et al., 2001 July 05. Cryptic evolution in a wild bird population. Nature 412:76.

Delph, 2001 Jun 29. EVOLUTION: Mutated into Oblivion. Science 292:2437-2438.
Book Review of The Cooperative Gene: How Mendel's Demon Explains the Evolution of Complex Beings by Mark Ridley

Otto and Jarne, 2001 Jun 29. EVOLUTION: Haploids--Hapless or Happening? Science 292:2441-2443.

BROWNLEE, 2001 Jun 28. Who is out there? (restricted access)Nature 411:994.
Book Review of Search for Life/Astrobiology by Monica Grady.

BEKOFF AND GOODALL, 2001 Jun 28. The view from Japan. (restricted access) Nature 411:995.
Book Review of Primate Origins of Human Cognition and Behavior by Tetsuro Matsuzawa.

STROBEL, 2001 Jun 28. Biological catalysis: Repopulating the RNA world. (restricted access) Nature 411:1003. "We will probably never be certain how life on our planet began. But, thanks to a new laboratory study, the possibility of an ancient 'RNA world' appears more plausible."

ROELOFS AND VAN HAASTERT, 2001 Jun 28. Genomics: Genes lost during evolution. Nature 411:1013.

HIRSH AND FRASER, 2001 Jun 28. Protein dispensability and rate of evolution. Nature 411:1046.

Bergelson et al., 2001 Jun 22. Evolutionary Dynamics of Plant R-Genes. Science 292:2281-2285.

RYAN, 2001 Jun 21. Evolutionary biology: Seeing red in speciation. (restricted access) Nature 411:900. "Mating patterns in sticklebacks have been investigated for over fifty years. The latest studies show how a complex interplay between males, females and the environment can contribute to the formation of new species."

LUTZONI et al., 2001 Jun 21. Major fungal lineages are derived from lichen symbiotic ancestors. Nature 411:937.

STANHOPE et al., 2001 Jun 21. Phylogenetic analyses do not support horizontal gene transfers from bacteria to vertebrates. Nature 411:940.

BOUGHMAN, 2001 Jun 21. Divergent sexual selection enhances reproductive isolation in sticklebacks. Nature 411:944.

WEBER, 2001 Jun 14. The philosopher's child. (restricted access) Nature 411:739.
Book Review of Annie's Box: Charles Darwin, His Daughter and Human Evolution by Randal Keynes.

RAUSHER, 2001 Jun 14. Co-evolution and plant resistance to natural enemies. Nature 411:857.

Andersson et al., 2001 Jun 08. GENOMICS: Enhanced: Are There Bugs in Our Genome? Science 292:1848-1850.

Chicurel, 2001 Jun 08. GENETICS: Can Organisms Speed Their Own Evolution? Science 292:1824-1827.

Chicurel, 2001 Jun 08. GENETICS: Why Evolution Might Not Favor Increased Genetic Variability. Science 292:1826.
Book Review of Frogs, Flies & Dandelions: The Making of Species by Menno Schilthuizen.

HARRISON, 2001 Jun 07. Diverse origins of biodiversity. Nature 411:635.

SILLER, 2001 Jun 07. Sexual selection and the maintenance of sex. Nature 411:689.

Smith et al., 2001 Jun 01. A Giant Sauropod Dinosaur from an Upper Cretaceous Mangrove Deposit in Egypt. Science 292:1704-1706.

Hellberg et al., 2001 Jun 01. Climate-Driven Range Expansion and Morphological Evolution in a Marine Gastropod. Science 292:1707-1710.

Stokstad, 2001 Jun 01. PALEONTOLOGY: New Dig at Old Trove Yields Giant Sauropod. Science 292:1623-1625.

AGRAWAL, 2001 Jun 07. Sexual selection and the maintenance of sexual reproduction. Nature 411:692.

Monastersky, 2001 May. Pterosaurs. National Geographic (May 2001).

REISZ AND SMITH, 2001 May 31. Developmental biology: Lungfish dental pattern conserved for 360 Myr. Nature 411:548.

THOMAS et al., 2001 May 31. Ecological and evolutionary processes at expanding range margins. Nature 411:577.

Wyss, 2001 May 25. PALEONTOLOGY: Digging Up Fresh Clues About the Origin of Mammals. Science 292:1496.

Luo et al., 2001 May 25. A New Mammaliaform from the Early Jurassic and Evolution of Mammalian Characteristics. Science 292:1535-1540.

Wyss, 2001 May 25. PALEONTOLOGY: Digging Up Fresh Clues About the Origin of Mammals. Science 292:1496-1497.

Kerr, 2001 May 25. EVOLUTION: Putting Limits on the Diversity of Life. Science 292:1481.

MARSHALL, 2001 May 24. Final frontier or ultimate mystery? (restricted access) Nature 411:415.
Book Review of A Mind So Rare: The Evolution of Human Consciousness by Merlin Donald.

SHU et al., 2001 May 24. An Early Cambrian tunicate from China. Nature 411:472.

Stokstad, 2001 May 18. PALEONTOLOGY: Early Tyrannosaur Was Small But Well Armed. Science 292:1278-1279.

HARPER, 2001 May 17. Why science and religion need to talk. (restricted access) Nature 411:239.
Book Review of Can a Darwinian Be a Christian? The Relationship Between Science and Religion by Michael Ruse.
Book Review of Paths from Science Towards God: The End of All Our Exploring by Arthur Peacocke.

Ash and Roberts, 2001 May 11. Sex, Lineages, and Pathogenesis. Science 292:1089.

Zimmer, 2001 May 11. Genetic Trees Reveal Disease Origins. Science 292:1090-1093.

Zimmer, 2001 May 11. Wolbachia: A Tale of Sex and Survival. Science 292:1093-1095.

Ochman and Moran, 2001 May 11. Genes Lost and Genes Found: Evolution of Bacterial Pathogenesis and Symbiosis. Science 292:1096-1099.

Read and Taylor, 2001 May 11. The Ecology of Genetically Diverse Infections. Science 292:1099-1102.

Baranowski et al., 2001 May 11. Evolution of Cell Recognition by Viruses. Science 292:1102-1105.

Overbaugh and Bangham, 2001 May 11. Selection Forces and Constraints on Retroviral Sequence Variation. Science 292:1106-1109.

Hooper and Gordon, 2001 May 11. Commensal Host-Bacterial Relationships in the Gut. Science 292:1115-1118.

Ke et al., 2001 May 11. African Origin of Modern Humans in East Asia: A Tale of 12,000 Y Chromosomes. Science 292:1151-1153.

Gibbons, 2001 May 11. HUMAN ANTHROPOLOGY: Modern Men Trace Ancestry to African Migrants. Science 292:1051-1052.

KAAS AND COLLINS, 2001 May 10. Evolving ideas of brain evolution. (restricted access) Nature 411:141. "Recent analyses of an old data set are starting to reveal patterns in the evolution of mammalian brains. The latest study shows that mammalian groups are characterized by basic similarities in brain proportions."

SZATHMÁRY, 2001 May 10. Evolution: Developmental circuits rewired. (restricted access) Nature 411:143. "Body segmentation occurs during the development of many invertebrate animals. Advances are being made by those striving to produce computer models of the genetic networks underlying the process."

SYMER AND BENDER, 2001 May 10. Genomic stability: Hip-hopping out of control. (restricted access) Nature 411:146. "'Jumping genes' can wreak havoc by hopping about a genome. Some plants can keep them under control by modifying them with certain chemical groups."

HURST, 2001 May 10. Evolutionary genomics: Sex and the X. (restricted access) Nature 411:149. "Are genomes made up of strings of genes in no particular order? It seems not, given the abundance on the mouse sex chromosomes of genes involved in the manufacture of sperm."

HAZEN AND ROEDDER, 2001 May 10. Biogeology: How old are bacteria from the Permian age?. Nature 411:155.

REICH et al., 2001 May 10. Linkage disequilibrium in the human genome. Nature 411:199.

MIURA et al., 2001 May 10. Mobilization of transposons by a mutation abolishing full DNA methylation in Arabidopsis. Nature 411:212.

HASSELQUIST, 2001 May 03. Evolutionary biology: Hybrid costs avoided. (restricted access) Nature 411:34. "The offspring of a mating between two different species are often infertile, or almost so. But it seems that some birds can avoid this apparent cost of hybridization."

VEEN et al., 2001 May 10. Hybridization and adaptive mate choice in flycatchers. Nature 411:45.

?, 2001 Apr. The Editors Recommend. Scientific American (April 2001).
Book Review of Atom: An Odyssey from the Big Bang to Life on Earth . . . and Beyond by Lawrence M. Krauss.

Gibbons, 2001 Apr 27. AMERICAN ASSOCIATION OF PHYSICAL ANTHROPOLOGISTS MEETING: Studying Humans--and Their Cousins and Parasites. Science 292:627-629.

SUES, 2001 Apr 26. Palaeontology: Ruffling feathers. (restricted access) Nature 410:1036. "The evolution of feathers and flight were generally thought to be inextricably linked. But new fossils from China show that feathers pre-dated the origin of flight and of birds."

JI et al., 2001 Apr 26. The distribution of integumentary structures in a feathered dinosaur. Nature 410:1084.

TROY et al., 2001 Apr 26. Genetic evidence for Near-Eastern origins of European cattle. Nature 410:1088.

DOUGLAS et al., 2001 Apr 26. The highly reduced genome of an enslaved algal nucleus. Nature 410:1091.

Ghalambor and Martin, 2001 Apr 20. Fecundity-Survival Trade-Offs and Parental Risk-Taking in Birds. Science 292:494-497.

Pfeiffer et al., 2001 Apr 20. Cooperation and Competition in the Evolution of ATP-Producing Pathways. Science 292:504-507.

PALMER, 2001 Apr 19. How persistence paid off. (restricted access) Nature 410:869. "The struggle, delusion and arrogance of the character who found Java Man."
Book Review of The Man Who Found the Missing Link: Eugene Dubois and His Lifelong Quest to Prove Darwin Right by Pat Shipman.

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