News: 2000

News relating to evolution from American Scientist, National Geographic, Nature, Science, and Scientific American are listed. The most recent articles are first.

Artificial Life; Origin of Life, Eukaryotes, Organelles; Origin/Evolution of Prokaryotes, Viruses, Introns, etc.
Ancient Birds; Dinosaurs; Other Ancient Reptiles
Human Origins and Evolution; Domestication
Other Evolutionary Biology
Political, Religious, and Educational Issues

Wong, 2001 Dec. Paleolithic Pit Stop. Scientific American (Dec 2000). "A French site suggests Neandertals and early modern humans behaved similarly."

Motani, 2001 Dec. Rulers of the Jurassic Seas. Scientific American (Dec 2000).

?, 2001 Dec 22. DISAPPEARING DISCOVERY OF THE YEAR: Archaeoraptor. Science 290:2224.

KESSIN, 2001 Dec 21. Evolutionary biology: Cooperation can be dangerous. (restricted access) Nature 408:917. "In social situations, opportunities arise for some individuals to take advantage of others. This happens in wild populations of the social amoeba Dictyostelium discoideum."

STRASSMANN et al., 2001 Dec 21. Altruism and social cheating in the social amoeba Dictyostelium discoideum. Nature 408:965.

Vision et al., 2001 Dec 15. The Origins of Genomic Duplications in Arabidopsis. Science 290:2114-2117.

?, 2001 Dec 14. Restoring faith in anthropology. (restricted access) Nature 408:755. "Rebuttals of a controversial book that alleges malpractice by distinguished anthropologists have so far confused rather than clarified the situation. An independent inquiry is urgently needed."

FINNERTY, 2001 Dec 14. Evolutionary developmental biology: Head start. (restricted access) Nature 408:778. "Some neat transgenic experiments show how the evolution of the vertebrate head stemmed, at least in part, from elaboration of controls on pre-existing genetic machinery."

WALBOT, 2001 Dec 14. A green chapter in the book of life. (restricted access) Nature 408:794. "The sequencing of an entire plant genome is now complete. The information it contains provides an unparalleled resource for understanding the evolution of flowering plants and the genetics of crop plants."

THE ARABIDOPSIS GENOME INITIATIVE, 2001 Dec 14. Analysis of the genome sequence of the flowering plant Arabidopsis thaliana. Nature 408:796.

LOSOS AND SCHLUTER, 2001 Dec 14. Analysis of an evolutionary species area relationship. Nature 408:847.

MANZANARES et al., 2001 Dec 14. Conservation and elaboration of Hox gene regulation during evolution of the vertebrate head. Nature 408:854.

Zhang and Zhou, 2001 Dec 08. A Primitive Enantiornithine Bird and the Origin of Feathers. Science 290:1955-1959.

Eldredge, 2001 Dec 08. EVOLUTIONARY BIOLOGY: Attending Marvels. Science 290:nnnn.
Book Review of George Gaylord Simpson Paleontologist and Evolutionist by Léo F. Laporte.

Stokstad, 2001 Dec 08. PALEONTOLOGY: Tiny, Feathered Dino Is Most Birdlike Yet. Science 290:1871-1872.

SMIL, 2001 Dec 07. All human life is here. (restricted access) Nature 408:643.
Book Review of Human Natures: Genes, Cultures, and the Human Prospect by Paul R. Ehrlich. "A tour of anthropology from bipedalism to environmentalism."

HEDGES, 2001 Dec 07. Human evolution: A start for population genomics. (restricted access) Nature 408:652. "The most thorough analysis yet of the divergence of sequences in human mitochondrial DNA has been carried out. The results support the view that modern humans originated in Africa."

XU et al., 2001 Dec 07. The smallest known non-avian theropod dinosaur. Nature 408:705.

INGMAN et al., 2001 Dec 07. Mitochondrial genome variation and the origin of modern humans. Nature 408:708.

Musser, 2000 Nov. Dawn of a New Species? Scientific American (November 2000).

Wong, 2000 Nov. The Caveman's New Clothes. Scientific American (November 2000).

Carlson, 2000 Nov. ARTIFICIAL LIFE: Boids of a Feather Flock Together. Scientific American (November 2000).

?, 2000 Nov. The Editors Recommend. Scientific American (November 2000).
Book Review of Extinct Humans by Ian Tattersall and Jeffrey H. Schwartz.

STERN, 2000 Nov 30. Evolutionary biology: The problem of variation. (restricted access) Nature 403:529. "One genetic source of the sex-specific variation in pigmentation patterns of different fruitfly species has been identified. This study illustrates the power of bringing together developmental and evolutionary biology."

KOPP et al., 2000 Nov 30. Genetic control and evolution of sexually dimorphic characters in Drosophila. Nature 403:553.

WATANABE et al., 2000 Nov 30. Geochemical evidence for terrestrial ecosystems 2.6 billion years ago. Nature 403:574.

?, 2000 Nov 23. Researchers fail to find signs of life in 'living' particles. (restricted access) Nature 403:394. "Despite their tiny size, the purported pathogenic microorganisms dubbed 'nanobacteria' are still stirring big controversy in microbiological circles."

BROWNE, 2000 Nov 23. Observations of a travelling naturalist. (restricted access) Nature 403:405.
Book Review of Charles Darwin's Zoology Notes & Specimen Lists from H.M.S. Beagle.

BULL, 2000 Nov 23. Evolutionary biology: Déjà vu. (restricted access) Nature 403:416. "A long-term study of fruitflies adds to the evidence that evolution can run backwards. To what extent the genetic underpinnings revert to the original is unclear."

REISZ AND SUES, 2000 Nov 23. Palaeontology: The 'feathers' of Longisquama. Nature 403:428.

TEOTÓNIO AND ROSE, 2000 Nov 23. Variation in the reversibility of evolution. Nature 403:463.

Orgel, 2000 Nov 17. ORIGIN OF LIFE: Enhanced: A Simpler Nucleic Acid. Science 290:1306-1307.

KIRKPATRICK, 2000 Nov 16. Speciation: Fish found in flagrante delicto. (restricted access) Nature 403:298. "Genetic analysis of cichlid fish in Nicaraguan lakes reveals a possible case of repeated sympatric speciation: the creation of two species from one in the same environment."

GRAY, 2000 Nov 16. Evolutionary biology: Mitochondrial genes on the move. (restricted access) Nature 403:302. "In flowering plants, genes have frequently been transferred from mitochondria to the cell nucleus by way of a remarkable evolutionary rapid-transit system."

ADAMS et al., 2000 Nov 16. Repeated, recent and diverse transfers of a mitochondrial gene to the nucleus in flowering plants. Nature 403:354.

Lynch and Conery, 2000 Nov 10. The Evolutionary Fate and Consequences of Duplicate Genes. Science 290:1151-1155.

Semino et al., 2000 Nov 10. The Genetic Legacy of Paleolithic Homo sapiens sapiens in Extant Europeans: A Y Chromosome Perspective. Science 290:1155-1159.

Nunn et al., 2000 Nov 10. Promiscuity and the Primate Immune System. Science 290:1168-1170.

Ridley, 2000 Nov 10. ANTHROPOLOGY: How We Got Here and Where We Are Going. Science 290:1102-1103.
Book Review of Human Natures Genes, Cultures, and the Human Prospect by Paul R. Ehrlich.

Pennisi, 2000 Nov 10. EVOLUTIONARY BIOLOGY: Twinned Genes Live Life in the Fast Lane. Science 290:1065-1066.

Pennisi, 2000 Nov 10. EVOLUTIONARY BIOLOGY: In Search of Biological Weirdness. Science 290:1077-1080.

Gibbons, 2000 Nov 10. EVOLUTIONARY GENETICS: Europeans Trace Ancestry to Paleolithic People. Science 290:1080-1081.

BRAY, 2000 Nov 09. Ancient food for thought. (restricted access) Nature 403:145. "Archaeological evidence of unexpected modes of food production in the tropics of lowland Central and South America carries lessons for modern farmers and students of crop-plant evolution."

Berman et al., 2000 Nov 03. Early Permian Bipedal Reptile. Science 290:969-972.

Baldauf et al., 2000 Nov 03. A Kingdom-Level Phylogeny of Eukaryotes Based on Combined Protein Data. Science 290:972-977.

Ruse, 2000 Nov 03. PHILOSOPHY: On E. O. Wilson and His Religious Vision. Science 290:943.
Book Review of Life is a Miracle An Essay Against Modern Superstition by Wendell Berry.

Sigmund and Nowak, 2000 Nov 03. EVOLUTION AND SOCIAL SCIENCE: Enhanced: A Tale of Two Selves. Science 290:949-950.

Stokstad, 2000 Nov 03. PALEONTOLOGY: First Upright Vertebrate Lived Fast, Died Young. Science 290:917.

?, 2000 Nov 02. Results may not fit well with current theories . . . . (restricted access) Nature 403:17.

?, 2000 Nov 02. . . . but yeast prion offers clues about evolution. (restricted access) Nature 403:17.

MORRISON, 2000 Nov 02. Now you see it, now you don't. (restricted access) Nature 403:24.
Book Review of The Undergrowth of Science: Delusion, Self-deception and Human Frailty by Walter Gratzer.

JANVIER, 2000 Nov 02. With a hammer and passion. (restricted access) Nature 403:27.
Book Review of Trilobite! Eyewitness to Evolution by Richard Fortey.

COYNE, 2000 Nov 02. The gene is dead; long live the gene. (restricted access) Nature 403:26.
Book Review of The Century of the Gene by Evelyn Fox Keller.

JAGLA et al., 2000 Nov 02. Evolutionary origins of vertebrate appendicular muscle. Nature 403:82.

MELTON, 2000 Oct-Nov. Womb Wars. Scientific American (Oct-Nov 2000). "New evidence that a mother’s and father’s 'imprinted genes' battle to determine a baby’s size."

WEST AND PETERS, 2000 Oct 26. Evolution: Paying for sex is not easy. Nature 407:962.

GREENE et al., 2000 Oct 26. Disruptive sexual selection for plumage coloration in a passerine bird. Nature 407:1000.

Hendry et al., 2000 Oct 20. Rapid Evolution of Reproductive Isolation in the Wild: Evidence from Introduced Salmon. Science 290:516-518.

Higgie et al., 2000 Oct 20. Natural Selection and the Reinforcement of Mate Recognition. Science 290:519-521.

Callaway and Aschehoug, 2000 Oct 20. Invasive Plants Versus Their New and Old Neighbors: A Mechanism for Exotic Invasion. Science 290:521-523.

Witmer, 2000 Oct 20. PALEONTOLOGY: Science, Art, and Dinosaurs. Science 290:460-461.
Book Review of Dinosaur Imagery The Science of Lost Worlds and Jurassic Art (The Lanzendorf Collection) by Philip J. Currie.

Barton, 2000 Oct 20. ECOLOGY: The Rapid Origin of Reproductive Isolation. Science 290:462-463.

Balter, 2000 Oct 20. ARCHAEOLOGY: Paintings in Italian Cave May Be Oldest Yet. Science 290:419-421.

GEE, 2000 Oct 19. Palaeontology: Mitrates on the move. (restricted access) Nature 407:849. "Just before they were fossilized, two tiny creatures left tracks showing how they may have moved. Results of an analysis of the tracks are taken as support for a particular view of vertebrate evolution."

CRUDGINGTON AND SIVA-JOTHY, 2000 Oct 19. Genital damage, kicking and early death. Nature 407:855. "The battle of the sexes takes a sinister turn in the bean weevil."

PIPERNO et al., 2000 Oct 19. Starch grains reveal early root crop horticulture in the Panamanian tropical forest. Nature 407:894.

VREELAND et al., 2000 Oct 19. Isolation of a 250 million-year-old halotolerant bacterium from a primary salt crystal. Nature 407:897.

WILLIAMS AND HURST, 2000 Oct 19. The proteins of linked genes evolve at similar rates. Nature 407:900.

Keightley and Eyre-Walker, 2000 Oct 13. Deleterious Mutations and the Evolution of Sex. Science 290:331-333.

Ogata et al., 2000 Oct 13. >Selfish DNA in Protein-Coding Genes of Rickettsia. Science 290:347-350.

West et al., 2000 Oct 13. EVOLUTION: The Benefits of Allocating Sex. Science 290:288-290.

Palmer, 2000 Oct 13. PALEONTOLOGY: A Fondness for "Beetles of the Paleozoic". Science 290:nnnnn.
Book Review of Trilobite! Eyewitness to Evolution by Richard Fortey.

?, 2000 Oct 12. Why don't creationists use private schools? (restricted access) Nature 407:671.

HOLT, 2000 Oct 12. Evolutionary biology: Use it or lose it. (restricted access) Nature 407:689. "How does an organism specialize in a particular ecological niche? Clues to the mechanisms involved come from a study using bacteria."

COOPER AND LENSKI, 2000 Oct 12. The population genetics of ecological specialization in evolving Escherichia coli populations. Nature 407:736.

FILCHAK et al., 2000 Oct 12. Natural selection and sympatric divergence in the apple maggot Rhagoletis pomonella . Nature 407:739.

?, 2000 Oct 05. Frozen body offers chance to travel back in time. (restricted access) Nature 407:550. "European researchers are eagerly awaiting new samples from the bones, teeth and intestine of Özti, the Stone Age man whose body was defrosted last week."

Nemecek , 2000 Sep 29. Who Were the First Americans. Scientific American (Sep 2000).

Kaiser, 2000 Sep 29. Fossil Databases Move to the Web. Science 289:2307.

Stone, 2000 Sep 29. PALEOFORENSICS: Ice Man Warms Up for European Scientists. Science 289:2253-2254.

Holden, 2000 Sep 29. ANTHROPOLOGY: Bones Decision Rattles Researchers. Science 289:2257.

DOLAN, 2000 Sep 28. To the core of consciousness. (restricted access) Nature 407:450.
Book Review of A Universe of Consciousness: How Matter Becomes Imagination by Gerald Edelman & Giulio Tononi.

HAGAN, 2000 Sep 28. A dip in the soup, with a pinch of salt. (restricted access) Nature 407:451.
Book Review of The Spark of Life: Darwin and the Primeval Soup by Christopher Wills & Jeffrey Bada.

PARTRIDGE AND BARTON, 2000 Sep 28. Natural Selection: Evolving evolvability. (restricted access) Nature 407:457. "In yeast, a modified protein known as a prion generates variation in growth rate across diverse environments. Is this an example of an agent that has evolved in order to promote its possessor's adaptability?"

COWAN, 2000 Sep 28. Genomics: Use your neighbour's genes. (restricted access) Nature 407:466. "The genome of the acid- and heat-loving microorganism Thermoplasma acidophilum has been sequenced. The sequence reveals the remarkable ability of this organism to pick up genes from other species, and suggests contrary to expectations that T. acidophilum is not the ancestor of eukaryotic cells."

TRUE AND LINDQUIST, 2000 Sep 28. A yeast prion provides a mechanism for genetic variation and phenotypic diversity. Nature 407:477.

HIBBETT et al., 2000 Sep 28. Evolutionary instability of ectomycorrhizal symbioses in basidiomycetes. Nature 407:506.

Grosberg and Hart, 2000 Sep 22. Mate Selection and the Evolution of Highly Polymorphic Self/Nonself Recognition Genes. Science 289:2111-2114.

Lahr, 2000 Sep 22. ANTHROPOLOGY: Wandering Genes. Science 289:2057.
Book Review of Migration and Colonization in Human Microevolution by Alan Fix.

Kerr, 2000 Sep 22. ARCHAELOGY: A Victim of the Black Sea Flood Found. Science 289:2021-2022.

?, 2000 Sep 21. Doubts grow over discovery of fossilized 'dinosaur heart'. (restricted access) Nature 407:275. "Doubts have arisen about the widely-publicised discovery last spring of what is said to be the 66-million year old remains of a dinosaur heart."

LERNER, 2000 Sep 21. Good and bad science in US schools. (restricted access) Nature 407:287. "One-third of US states have unsatisfactory standards for teaching evolution."

WILSON, 2000 Sep 21. The Great Goodbye. (restricted access) Nature 407:303. "The emotional cost of the post-evolutionary divide."

Balter, 2000 Sep 15. VIROLOGY: Evolution on Life's Fringes. Science 289:1866-1867.

Blackwell, 2000 Sep 15. EVOLUTION: Enhanced: Terrestrial Life--Fungal from the Start? Science 289:1884-1885.

TREGENZA et al., 2000 Sep 14. Evolutionary biology: Sexual conflict and speciation. Nature 407:149.

GAVRILETS, 2000 Sep 14. reply: Sexual conflict and speciation. Nature 407:150.

Xiong et al., 2000 Sep 08. Molecular Evidence for the Early Evolution of Photosynthesis. Science 289:1724-1730.

Des Marais, 2000 Sep 08. EVOLUTION: When Did Photosynthesis Emerge on Earth? Science 289:1703-1705.

Nowak et al., 2000 Sep 08. Fairness Versus Reason in the Ultimatum Game. Science 289:1773-1775.

Kerr, 2000 Sep 08. PALEONTOLOGY: Biggest Extinction Hit Land and Sea. Science 289:1666-1667.

BUFFETAUT et al., 2000 Sep 07. The earliest known sauropod dinosaur. Nature 407:72.

Marler, 2000 Sep 01. ANTHROPOLOGY: Sex on the Brain. Science 289:1478.
Book Review of The Mating Mind: How Sexual Choice Shaped the Evolution of Human Nature by Geoffrey F. Miller.

Miles and Davies, 2000 Sep 01. PROTEIN EVOLUTION: On the Ancestry of Barrels. Science 289:1490.

CAHN, 2000 Aug 31. The tree of ignorance. (restricted access) Nature 406:935.
Book Review of Triumph of Evolution and the Failure of Creationism by Niles Eldredge. "Evolution emerges unscathed from the battle of creation."

NEALSON, 2000 Aug 31. Martian chronicles. (restricted access) Nature 406:936.
Book Review of In Search of Life on Mars by Malcolm Walter.
Book Review of Dead Mars, Dying Earth by John E. Brandenburg, and Monica Rix Paxson.

BROOKS, 2000 Aug 31. Artificial life: From robot dreams to reality. (restricted access) Nature 406:945. "Can evolutionary principles be used to automate machine design? A new study evolves robot body parts and nervous systems inside a computer, and then physically builds them, so giving birth to real machines created by virtual evolution."

LIPSON AND POLLACK, 2000 Aug 31. Automatic design and manufacture of robotic lifeforms. Nature 406:974.

SINERVO et al., 2000 Aug 31. Density cycles and an offspring quantity and quality game driven by natural selection. Nature 406:985.

KRIEGER et al., 2000 Aug 31. Ant-like task allocation and recruitment in cooperative robots. Nature 406:992.

Serio et al., 2000 Aug 25. Nucleated Conformational Conversion and the Replication of Conformational Information by a Prion Determinant. Science 289:1317-1321.

Wächtershäuser, 2000 Aug 25. ORIGIN OF LIFE: Life as We Don't Know It. Science 289:1307-1308.

Bagla, 2000 Aug 25. PALEONTOLOGY: Team Rejects Claim of Early Indian Fossils. Science 289:1273.

Kazazian, 2000 Aug 18. GENETICS: L1 Retrotransposons Shape the Mammalian Genome. Science 289:1152-1153.

Pennisi, 2000 Aug 18. EVOLUTION 2000 MEETING: Evolutionary Trends From Bacteria to Birds. Science 289:1131-1133.

Kerr, 2000 Aug 18. EARTH SCIENCE: Did Volcanoes Drive Ancient Extinctions? Science 289:1130-1131.

MEYER, 2000 Aug 17. From donkeys and cows to whales. (restricted access) Nature 406:677.
Book Review of Marine Mammals: Evolutionary Biology by Annalisa Berta & James L. Sumich.

Goren-Inbar et al., 2000 Aug 11. Pleistocene Milestones on the Out-of-Africa Corridor at Gesher Benot Ya'aqov, Israel. Science 289:944-947.

?, 2000 Aug 10. Kansas scientists help to oust creationists. (restricted access) Nature 406:552. "A grassroots campaign by US scientists has helped to oust three anti-evolutionists from elections to the Kansas school board, clearing the way for evolutionary theory to be taught again in the state's classrooms."

RENSBERGER AND WATABE, 2000 Aug 10. Fine structure of bone in dinosaurs, birds and mammals. Nature 406:619.

BOHOSSIAN et al., 2000 Aug 10. Unexpectedly similar rates of nucleotide substitution found in male and female hominids. Nature 406:622.

BURCH AND CHAO, 2000 Aug 10. Evolvability of an RNA virus is determined by its mutational neighbourhood. Nature 406:625.

Stanford, 2000 Jul-Aug. Darwinians Look at Rape, Sex and War. American Scientist (Jul-Aug 2000).
Book Review of A Natural History of Rape: Biological Bases of Sexual Coercion by Randy Thornhill and Craig T. Palmer.
Book Review of Why Sex Matters: A Darwinian Look at Human Behavior by Bobbi S. Low.

Zimmer, 2000 Jul 28. EVOLUTION: Parasites Make Scaredy-Rats Foolhardy. Science 289:525-527.

?, 2000 Jul 27. How new technology put a coelacanth among the heirs of Piltdown Man. (restricted access) Nature 406:343.

JOLLY, 2000 Jul 27. Pitching it right. (restricted access) Nature 406:345. "Observing chimps and the women who observe chimps."
Book Review of Africa in My Blood: An Autobiography in Letters by Jane Goodall.
Book Review of Beauty and the Beasts: Woman, Ape and Evolution by Carole Jahme.

WILLMER, 2000 Jul 27. The spice of life. (restricted access) Nature 406:346.
Book Review of The Variety of Life: A Survey and a Celebration of All the Creatures That Have Ever Lived by Colin Tudge.

RIDLEY, 2000 Jul 27. Tangled strands in the double helix. (restricted access) Nature 406:347.
Book Review of It Ain't Necessarily So: The Dream of the Human Genome and Other Confusions by Richard Lewontin.
Book Review of The Triple Helix: Gene, Organism, and Environment by Richard Lewontin.

CHYBA, 2000 Jul 27. correction: Energy for microbial life on Europa. (restricted access) Nature 406:368.

PECK AND WAXMAN, 2000 Jul 27. Mutation and sex in a competitive world. Nature 406:399-404.

Schultes and Bartel, 2000 Jul 21. One Sequence, Two Ribozymes: Implications for the Emergence of New Ribozyme Folds. Science 289:448-452.

Joyce, 2000 Jul 21. RNA STRUCTURE: Ribozyme Evolution at the Crossroads. Science 289:401-402.

Brown, 2000 Jul 21. ECOLOGY: Food Fight Drives Evolution. Science 289:369-371.

?, 2000 Jul 20. Recriminations and confusion over 'fake' coelacanth photo. (restricted access) Nature 406:225. "The hunt is on for the explanation of an apparently faked photograph of a coelacanth."

Gura, 2000 Jul 20. Bones, molecules...or both?. (restricted access) Nature 406:230. "Evolutionary trees constructed by studying biological molecules often don't resemble those drawn up from morphology. Can the two ever be reconciled..."

JOHNSEN et al., 2000 Jul 20. Female bluethroats enhance offspring immunocompetence through extra-pair copulations. Nature 406:296.

Pennisi, 2000 Jul 14. EVOLUTIONARY BIOLOGY: Chewed Leaves Reveal Ancient Relationship. Science 289:229-231.

HULL, 2000 Jul 13. Genes, free will and intracranial musings. (restricted access) Nature 406:124.
Book Review of Alas, Poor Darwin: Arguments against Evolutionary Psychology by Stephen P. R. Rose and Hilary Rose.

Adrain and Westrop, 2000 Jul 07. An Empirical Assessment of Taxic Paleobiology. Science 289:110-112.

Goldstein, 2000 Jul 07. HUMAN EVOLUTION: The Context of Our Genetic History. Science 289:62-63.
Book Review of Genes, Peoples, and Languages by Luigi Luca Cavalli-Sforza.

?, 2000 Jul 06. Study compares chimps and people. (restricted access) Nature 406:4. "Scientists at two major Japanese research facilities are finalizing plans for a joint project aimed at comparing the genome of humans with that of chimpanzees."

HARCOURT, 2000 Jul 06. Sexual trade-offs. (restricted access) Nature 406:18.
Book Review of Promiscuity: An Evolutionary History of Sperm Competition and Sexual Conflict by Tim Birkhead.

BROOKS, 2000 Jul 06. Negative genetic correlation between male sexual attractiveness and survival. Nature 406:67-70.

?, 1999 Jun. How the Left Got Darwin Wrong Scientific American (June, 2000).
Book Review of Darwinian Left: Politics, Evolution and Cooperation by Peter Singer. "Philosopher Peter Singer argues that the Left must radically revise its outdated view of human nature."

Huelsenbeck et al., 2000 Jun 30. Accommodating Phylogenetic Uncertainty in Evolutionary Studies. Science 288:2349-2350.

Pennisi, 2000 Jun 30. HUMAN GENOME: Finally, the Book of Life and Instructions for Navigating It. Science 288:2304-2307.

DALTON, 2000 Jun 29. Feathers flying in Beijing. (restricted access) Nature 405:992. "The question of whether birds evolved from dinosaurs arouses strong opinions. Rex Dalton reports on a scientific meeting that at times bore more resemblance to a political sparring match."

AITMAN et al., 2000 Jun 29. Population genetics: Malaria susceptibility and CD36 mutation. Nature 405:1015.

BARTON AND HARVEY, 2000 Jun 29. Mosaic evolution of brain structure in mammals. Nature 405:1055.

Jones et al., 2000 Jun 23. Nonavian Feathers in a Late Triassic Archosaur. Science 288:2202-2205.

Stokstad, 2000 Jun 23. PALEONTOLOGY: Feathers, or Flight of Fancy?. Science 288:2124-2125.

HEWITT, 2000 Jun 22. The genetic legacy of the Quaternary ice ages. Nature 405:907.

BUCKLEY et al., 2000 Jun 22. A pug-nosed crocodyliform from the Late Cretaceous of Madagascar . Nature 405:941.

DE FORGES et al., 2000 Jun 22. Diversity and endemism of the benthic seamount fauna in the southwest Pacific. Nature 405:944.

Flessa, 2000 Jun 16. PALEONTOLOGY: Learning from the Dead. Science 288:1971-1972.
Book Review of Taphonomy A Process Approach by Ronald E. Martin.

ZIHLMAN, 2000 Jun 15. Aping human societies. (restricted access) Nature 405:735.
Book Review of Hierarchy in the Forest: The Evolution of Egalitarian Behavior by Christopher Boehm.

QUELLER, et al., 2000 Jun 15. Unrelated helpers in a social insect. Nature 405:784.

PIZZARI AND BIRKHEAD, 2000 Jun 15. Female feral fowl eject sperm of subdominant males. Nature 405:787.

Normile, 2000 Jun 09. PALEONTOLOGY: New Feathered Dino Firms Up Bird Links. Science 288:1721.

GODFREY, 2000 Jun 08. The Wonderland of primordial life. (restricted access) Nature 405:619.
Book Review of Life Without Genes by Adrian Woolfson.

NISBET, 2000 Jun 08. Palaeobiology: The realms of Archaean life. (restricted access) Nature 405:625. "There is evidence of a variety of early organisms from the Archaean some 4,000 to 2,500 million years ago. Now life at deep-sea hot springs can provisionally be added to the list."

LIVELY AND DYBDAHL, 2000 Jun 08. Parasite adaptation to locally common host genotypes. Nature 405:679.

KEELING AND PALMER, 2000 Jun 08. Phylogeny: Parabasalian flagellates are ancient eukaryotes. Nature 405:635.

RASMUSSEN, 2000 Jun 08. Filamentous microfossils in a 3,235-million-year-old volcanogenic massive sulphide deposit. Nature 405:676.

BODEN, 2000 Jun 01. Mozart, McCartney and sexual selection. (restricted access) Nature 405:512.
Book Review of The Mating Mind: How Sexual Choice Shaped the Evolution of Human Nature by Geoffrey Miller.

QUELLER, 2000 Jun 01. Evolutionary ecology: Pax Argentinica. (restricted access) Nature 405:519. "Colonizing species often lose genetic variation. Usually this has harmful effects, but in Argentine ants it has led to loss of clan warfare and formation of supercolonies that overwhelm native species."

Schurr, 2000 May-June. Mitochondrial DNA and the Peopling of the New World. American Scientist (May-June 2000).

Keyser, 2000 May. Dawn of Humans. National Geographic (May 2000).

Niiler, 2000 May. A New Rex. Scientific American (May). "The biggest meat eater of them all bolsters the theory of pack hunting."

?, 2000 May. The editors recommend. Science 286:907-908.
Book Review of The Dangerous Passion: Why Jealousy Is as Necessary as Love and Sex by David M. Buss.

?, 2000 May. The editors recommend. Science 286:907-908.
Book Review of Finding Darwin's God: A Scientist's Search for Common Ground between God and Evolution by Kenneth R. Miller.

RUNNEGAR, 2000 May 25. Palaeoclimate: Loophole for snowball Earth. Nature 405:403. "The snowball Earth hypothesis posits an ice-covered planet. New climate simulations of 'snowball' conditions allow ice-free equatorial oceans that may be crucial for a theory about early animal evolution."

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OCHMAN et al., 2000 May 18. Lateral gene transfer and the nature of bacterial innovation. Nature 405:299.

DONCASTER et al., 2000 May 18. erratum: The ecological cost of sex. (restricted access) Nature 405:376.

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Balter and Gibbons, 2000 May 12. PALEOANTHROPOLOGY: A Glimpse of Humans' First Journey Out of Africa. Science 288:948-950.

KINLEN, 2000 May 11. An ignoble lineage. (restricted access) Nature 405:122.
Book Review of Cancer: The Evolutionary Legacy by Mel Greaves.

Martin et al., 2000 May 05. Age of Neoproterozoic Bilatarian Body and Trace Fossils, White Sea, Russia: Implications for Metazoan Evolution. Science 288:841-845.

Levine, 2000 May 05. Species Diversity and Biological Invasions: Relating Local Process to Community Pattern. Science 288:852-854.

Scott, 2000 May 05. ESSAYS ON SCIENCE AND SOCIETY: Not (Just) in Kansas Anymore. Science 288:813-815.

Hauser, 2000 May 05. PSYCHOLOGY: Et tu Homo sapiens?. Science 288:816-817.

Kerr, 2000 May 05. EVOLUTION: Stretching the Reign of Early Animals. Science 288:789.

Gibbons, 2000 May 05. AMERICAN ASSOCIATION OF PHYSICAL ANTHROPOLOGISTS: From Field to Lab, New Insights on Being Human. Science 288:798-800.

ALEXANDER, 2000 May 04. Winging their way. Nature 405:nnnnn.
Book Review of The Biomechanics of Insect Flight: Form, Function, Evolution by Robert Dudley.

ALEXANDER, 2000 May 04. Winging their way. (restricted access) Nature 405:17.
Book Review of Form and Function of Insect Wings: The Evolution of Biological Structures by Dmitry L. Grodnitsky.

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